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Football Season has Arrived!!!

So it begins.  August 6th, the beginning of football season as today the players report and we are officially underway. It won't be long now until our questions are answered.   Who's the backup running back?   How does the offensive line pan out with all the changes and shuffling?  Linebackers?  Defensive sets?  Backup quarterbacks?  The list goes on.  Some question marks will have a true impact on the season while others are more just fun to think and talk about as fans.  Regardless it's time for all of them to begin the process of being answered. 

All that said, over the next week and a half or so we'll be taking a 30,000 foot overview of each position and the players on the roster that will be vying to fill the various role.  I won't be doing any debating in the post over who will end up where as I'll leave that to you all in the comments and the eventual depth chart that we'll see.  The purpose of this is to truly lay the roster out there as it exists going into camp, give everyone a working knowledge of what's on the roster and give the opportunity for some discussion at each position. 

Here's the schedule:

Monday August 10th: QB's

Tuesday August 11th: Running Backs/Tight Ends

Wednesday August 12th: Wide Receivers

Thursday  August 13th: Offensive Line

Friday August 14th: DEnds

Monday August 17th: DTackles

Tuesday  August 18th: Corners

Wednesday  August 19th: Safeties

Thursday August 20th: Linebackers

Friday August 21th: Special teams

In between I'm hoping to have a couple of recruit interviews and I'm thinking we'll have some more recruiting news as well.  Also we'll likely see an official depth chart at some point and that will certainly be up for discussion. 

One thing I thought I'd throw out there was if anyone is interested in doing a fanpost analysis from one of the open practices that would be fantastic and easily front-page material.  I'll also gather what I can from the sources I have on practices and bring the occasional snippet. 

Lastly, if anyone has anything else they'd like to see or know more about please throw it in the comments and let me know or write a fanpost on it.  We've got a lot of new faces around here and I'm sure some great new perspectives so use the fanposts and fanshots sections early and often to give your thoughts or ideas as you see fit.