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Denver's Dish 8.28.09

A quick Denver's dish today, sorry busy week for me.  Anyway I had some follow up questions that I wanted to look into after Lew and KC's fan appreciation day reports.

First off regarding the defensive line it sounds as if Pat Dorsey has truly played himself into the first team at the moment and this wasn't a case of injury or Mangino mind games.  Dorsey has shown great "leverage and hands" in his work on the defensive line and has put himself in a position, at least for now, to be running with the 1's.

Another note on the defensive line, Jamal Greene is injured at the moment.  Not sure on a time frame but it wasn't just a pulled muscle with this one.

In terms of the wild linebacker situation, it sounds as if right now it's still anybody's guess who's going to be in there.  There were a couple of combination's that were used in different situations but from what I'm hearing, very little should be taken from who was in first, second, third and so on at this point. 

Basically when the defense takes the field against Northern Colorado and maybe even further into the non conference schedule, we're likely to see a heavy rotation with the coaches still looking for a group to step up.  Right now though, the third team in probably has as much chance as the first before it's all said and done.

Last area that continues to be a concern is the offensive line.  Interestingly the opinion in house is that this is a  group that is looking very solid and everyone is beginning to develop a lot of confidence in.  There is no major weak point of concern, the pass blocking has really been improving over the last week and they are starting to gel in the running game.  Sure this will still have to translate to gameday, but for what it's worth there is a lot of confidence in the unit as it is currently assembled.

So that wraps it up, just a few quick question marks I had that I thought worth some follow up, hopefully fills in some holes in the great reports we got from both Lew and KC yesterday.