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I Wanna Be Cool Too!: Rock Chalk Talk's 2009 Preseason CFB Ballot

As you may remember, last season us here at RCT were lucky enough to be a part of the inaugural College Basketball blogpoll, which started up sometime around February. It was a very cool experience, and one that I hope to get to do again.

More than anything, the CBB blogpoll was a branch off of the internet-famous CFB blogpoll, which was founded and is operated by Brian Cook of, a Michigan blog. It has since moved to, prior to the basketball one, and is, as Ron Burgundy might say, kind of a big deal.

Anyways, I suppose RCT isn't big enough or something, because we weren't invited to join the CFB blogpoll. So, yeah, that's that. However, there isn't some law that only those involved in the blogpoll can submit ballots online, so I figured I'd throw mine out there. This, of course, gives you a great opportunity to debate any potential risers or fallers in the 2009 slate of CFB.

Anyways, if you want to actually view my bracket (which won't be able to use the awesome table things provides, and instead just be a table with justifications by each, it's after the break.)

Rkg Team AP USA BP Reasoning/Summary
1 Florida 1 1 1
Who isn't picking Florida #1? Tim Tebow + Top 5 defense.
2 Texas 2 2 2
Colt McCoy is good enough as is. But with this? Unstoppable.
3 USC 4 4 3
Everything but a QB. Joe McKnight = Heisman sleeper.
4 Oklahoma 3 3 4
Don't underestimate losing 4 starters on O-Line.
5 tOSU 6 6 6
Terrelle Pryor + Sweater Vest + Weakish Big 10/11 = Rose Bowl
6 Alabama 5 5 5
I don't really know. Just not getting the vibe. Don't kill me, Tide fans.
7 VaTech 7 7 9 Tyrod Taylor has to take the leap eventually, right? And no more cussing = more wins.
8 Penn St. 9 8 7 Darryl Clark is good. Evan Royster is better. Their WR's aren't. Defense is same as always.
9 Okie St. 9 11 10 Offensive explosion. And if Bill Young could do it with 07 Kansas, he can do it with 09 OSU.
10 Ole Miss 8 10 11 QB play + avoiding FLA/UGA + getting everyone else at home = SEC West Champs
11 Cal 12 12 12 Jahvid Best will run for something like 87,000 yards this season. It's a fact.
12 Georgia 13 13 13 No Knowshon or Stafford, but a lot of returning players everywhere else. A lot.
13 LSU 11 9 8 My reasons for UGA over LSU: No idea. They are basically identical.
14 Ga Tech 15 15 14 I. Love. The. Triple. Option. This is biased. But, still. I think they'll end up winning the ACC.
15 Oregon 16 14 16 Kind of like a lesser version of OSU. Except, they have to replace their QB and RB.
16 TCU 17 17 17 I know just about nothing about the Horned Frogs. They are always good, though.
17 Utah 19 18 19 They went undefeated last year. That's enough reason for me.
18 Boise St. 14 16 15 Loss of Ian Johnson will hurt more than people expect.
19 Kansas 25 26 28 I'm a homer. This isn't for real, so I can just be half-serious, half-crazy. Plus, Todd Reesing.
20 UNC 21 20 21 Why is UNC better than FSU? Umm, not really sure. But, we'll say they are. Cause...
21 FSU 18 19 19 ...nobody likes the Noles. Plus, who is their QB again?
22 Missouri 48 34 38 Waaaaay underrated. That's all I'll say. For fear of death.
23 Oregon St 26 25 27 They were just a win away from the Rose Bowl, last year. Pac 10 will be better this year.
24 Nebraska 24 22 23 Two words, eight consonants. Ndamukong Suh.
25 Iowa 22 21 22 I only knew one player last year, and he's gone (Shonn Greene). Call it peer pressure.


So, yeah. As much as I know about CBB, and I'm not ashamed to admit it I know a ridiculous amount and way too much, I don't get into CFB as much. I love it, sure. But it usually takes me a week-or-two into the season before I really have opinions on who should be where. Of course, these polls, no matter how educated, are all just guesses in their own right, which is why preseason polls having a say in who plays for the National Championship is the biggest joke in all of sports. If you want to stick to the polls system, I don't really care. I really don't.

Just don't have the polls start until the BCS polls are released. I know it'll probably never go through, because ESPN is so involved and they love to have the numbers to splatter all across their advertisements telling you to watch Saturday Night Football with godawful Brent Musberger, but it's the fairest way. That way, everyone starts the season on (relatively) equal footing, taking some of the bias out of it. Obviously, the bigger name teams will still be given the edge, but hopefully at least a few of the media members would pretend not to know who was "supposed" to be good, and just vote based on how the teams have all played for the first 6-or-7 weeks or whatever. At least make it fair at the start.

Or, the media members could consider rehashing the entire poll week-after-week, instead of just moving some teams up and others down.

But, whatever. Off my soapbox.

I'm sure all of you disagree here-or-there. Let me know. I really just know how groups of teams shake out right now, and there are a lot of places where there wasn't one particular reason why I chose one team over another.

More CFB-general content will be coming in the next week, right up until kickoff 8 days from now, Thursday night, September 3rd. Oh, what a glorious day that will be. Think of it as a week-long cram session on all things CFB. At least, that's how I hope it will turn out.