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Rock Chalk Talk Football League Preseason Power Rankings

We like to keep it light hearted around here and as part of our 18 team mega fantasy football league, I thought it only appropriate that we should have our very own power rankings ala ESPN's NFL power rankings.

This will be a weekly feature and as time goes on I'll certainly be adding some depth to the report, but for now we'll kick it off with a top to bottom look at the best teams in the RCT Football League as they appear heading into the season just a few weeks away.

For those not in the league, follow along...pick a favorite(preferably me) and root your team to the championship.  Who knows there might even be a prize at the end of the line.  Depends on if I ever get KC's $500 league buy in check.  Everyone else has paid KC, waiting on you : D

1.  Denver's Fighting Mangino's

  • The Fighting Mangino's lead of the preaseason power rankings for obvious reasons.  No it isn't because these power rankings are as biased as a Dick Vitale preseason top 25, it's because the Mangino's upper management made some incredible selections in the draft.  Top pick for the Mangino's has to be picking up Kyle Orton as their reserve QB.   If not there then I suppose you'd pick the combination of TJ Houshmaadndalksdjfah and Jason Witten as a solid recieving duo.

2.  Fighting 5.7's

  • Coming in at #2 due to some lobbying to the commish late in the draft is the 5.7's.  Solid picks in a lot of areas though.  Frank Gore, Santonio Holmes and Carson Palmer would look to be strengths of the team.  Biggest concern for this team like many others is the backup QB spot where Jamarcus Russell will be relied upon should Palmer's bionic knee fail. 

3.  Percy Harvin's Smoke-A-Thon

  • Checking in at #3 is the Smoke-A-Thon is a team with as many problems as the name would suggest.  If everything falls into place though there are some fantasy football rockstars on this team.  Locked in a battle for whiniest player in the NFL, Jay Cutler and Larry Johnson both have explosive capabilities if they decide they want to play.  You've got to feel a little bad for Larry Fitgerald on this team after finally ridding himself of the A. Boldin drama, he ends up with this.

4.  Kansas Farm Boys

  • Under the radar but some really solid picks across the board for the Farm Boys.  Seems fitting for a team that takes it's name from one of the more inconspicuous groups of people from one of the most inconspicuous states.  Drew Brees, Wes Welker, Dominique Hixon and Ryan Grant all lead a team that could suprise some people.  Well not anymore because I ranked them #4.

5.  Slowdancers

  • He has Chad Ochocinco enough said.  Apparently the guy can kick.  No one else has a WR on their roster that can also score points as a kicker.

6.  The Devils Rejects

  • Honestly I'm pretty much doing this first one on the fly and when I look at this team they are dangerous.  However, because Danimal was late to the draft he must be punished and hence the #6 slot is all he will muster for the first weeks power rankings.  Honestly though, Adrian Peterson, Tony Romo, Derek Ward, Steve Smith, the Titans D...looks tough.

7.  Tosche Station Power Converters

  • Another team that should things work out has some serious point abilities.  Boldin, B. Marshall and Crabtree at reciever.  If these guys all get on the field you've got to expect some points.  Miss on those picks though and I don't think LT and Matt Cassel are enough alone to carry the Converters so it could be a quick drop if things don't work out.

8.  Beltway Mudslingers

  • The Mudslingers are led by fantasy football juggernaut and former Hy Vee bag boy Kurt Warner.  A bit top heavy but he did land the coveted Darius Heyward Bey who everyone was after.  I mean when was the last time Al Davis missed on a pick?

9.  NorthChamps 09

  • Donovan McNabb could be in for a pretty monster year with the weapons he has around him now, but if Andy Reid decides the Michael Vick show is the way to go, it will be a big blow to Esteban.  Michael Turner and Eddie Royal were also great picks for this team but depth concerns along with an early wideout pick used on Braylon Edwards hurts the overall rank to start the year.

10.  KC Deadheads

  • Another victim of my completely arbitrary selection for the preseason rankings, the deadheads really do have the makings of a solid team.  If Schaub stays healthy he can be a great fantasy QB.  Plus Cotchery and Vincent Jackson always seem to pull out solid years as well.  Oh damn, almost forgot...can you say Bironas, never underestimate the power of the kicker.  Look for a jump after week one for the dead heads.

11.  Baby Seal Clubbers

  • This squad has the makings of a great fantasy team of yesteryear.  Think of it as the old timers squad.  Peyton Manning and the Bears defense would have essentially locked the Clubbers in for the division title a few years ago, this year it's hard to tell.  Throw in workhorse Willie Parker who seems to always get pulled down by the goalline and you've got name power that might be past it's prime in fantasy football.  Almost forgot, Terrell Owens tries one more time to be a team player.

12.  The New KU Happy Hour 4-2-5

  • Sporting a potentially dangerous 1-2 punch at QB with Tom Brady and Mark Sanchez 4-2-5 management did an excellent job in covering their bases at the most important position on the field.  Deshaun Jackson makes for the most potential elsewhere on the field as does the the dreaded Steelers defense.  The more I look at this team the more I like them but Knowshon Moreno is already hurt and this team hit the limit for AFC West players at 4.

13.  Spontaneous Combustion

  • Brian Westbrook and C. Johnson as your running backs is impressive.  What isn't is Matt Ryan, Bernard Berrian, Ted Ginn and Roy Williams as your passing game.  Sure their all fine players, but Ryan is so far a one year wonder while the recievers have been spotty at best throughout their careers.  Flex player of D. Brown the Indy back is also a nice pick so no doubt the Combustion managment it looking for big running games and hoping the Matt Ryan express roles on.

14.  New York Chiefs

  • Fragile would be the best word to describe this team.  Not sure if the NY Chiefs have a player then didn't spend part of the year out with injury last year.  Hasselbeck, Bush, F. Jones, A Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Torry Holt...ouch.  Maybe they'll all stay 100%.  Sleeper on this team though is definitely Fred Jackson, great late pick for the Chiefs.

15.  Reesing for Heisman

  • As much as the team name draws you in the high number of Bears, Rams and AFC West players on the roster are a tad concerning.  I suppose if Cutler makes that big of a difference Reesing for Heisman could see a big jump.  Same could be said if Philip Rivers once again proves better than anyone gives him credit for or if Steven Jackson returns to form.  Not a bad roster, but also no real slam dunks on the list.

16.  Dezmon's Tutors

  • Originally completely excluded from the power rankings Dezmon's Tutors leaves a tad to be desired considering Trent Edwards is where their hopes rest at the quarterback position.  We've seen how that's worked for the Bills in real life these past few years.  Another area of concern is Lendale White, rumor has it that opposing teams are planning Mexican themed welcome parties with extra tequila to help him get back up to his playing weight. Still perhaps the biggest black eye on the Tutor's management is the selection of Jeremy Maclin, just unnacceptable.   

17.  Cry Baby Cutlers

  • This one is dropped significantly because to my knowledge Big Ben might be in a bit of a bind with an achilles injury.  Maybe I'm behind on my news but that would be a blow to this squad.  Other than that, not a bad squad...guess I just kept skipping over it because of the Cutler reference. 

18.  Basketball School

  • Truthfully I can't find a good thing to say about this team right now.  Oh wait, yes I can...Bill Whittemore, way to pull that one out KC...I'm sure with him in the fold you won't be on the bottom of these power rankings long.

In all seriousness, great draft everyone...this first power ranking was completely arbitrary and primarily for a good laugh.  So don't get your panties in a bunch if I dogged your team and you thought you drafted well.  Chances are you did, but I just didn't care.  All I knew was that I was #1 (because it may be my only chance) and KC was last (who else would it be).  Other than that...A little bit of football thought and a whole lot of luck decided where the rest of you ended up...I'd love to hear arguments though.  : D