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2009 RCT Mythical Preseason Depth Chart

Quick Disclaimer if it isn't clear, this is not an actual Jayhawk Two-Deep.  This is a combination of what I think will happen and what I'm hoping might happen, nothing more.  Just here for some discussion fun while we wait for practice to get going next week.  Be assured when an actual two deep is out there, we'll get that up here as well.

Our little side discussion regarding the depth chart got me to thinking more about the season, the players and what situations have the potential to be the best for our program both in the short and long term.  Basically, what's the two deep look like if the potential talent and upgraded talent pull through where rumor and conjecture is all we've had to go on at this time. 

Obviously there is no right or wrong answer here and it will be settled on the field in a very short time but after the jump I'll give you my run down and let's here yours.  Also all you newbies and lurkers that have been peaking out of the shadows let's hear it from you too.  RCT has been a great place for discussion over the past year and with things gearing up I think you all will find a welcome, intelligent and respectful home for your opinions as well.

Without further we go...oh and here's a link to the roster including most of the newcomers, still not

Mythical 2 Deep After the Jump...    


Quarterback:   Todd Reesing, Kale Pick

The starter is obvious and for me Kale Pick is the ideal for the future because it means we're making strides in recruiting and developing the talent waiting in the wings.  I could put Jordan Webb here but I'd rather have the Pick v Webb discussion at the start of 2010 and not as part of the what if's of 2009.

Running Back: Jake Sharp, Toben Opurum

Again it seems the starter is a lock but for number two I'm going with Toben because I like him, I think he provides a change of pace and I think he has a tremendous future and is physically ready to fill that bruiser role as a freshman.  The saying goes that RB is the easiest transition from high school to college so let's hope that's the case.

WR: Dezmon Briscoe, Erick McGriff

I know we're deep at WR and we may not need to use McGriff but I've heard he's been impressive and I love the idea of getting him some reps with Reesing before he steps permantly into this role with Briscoe's early departure for the NFL.  Oh, and Briscoe was an pretty obvious right.

WR: Kerry Meier, AJ Steward

Meier, check...his back up...Steward.  I've been calling for a breakout season since the end of the last one for Steward and I'm sticking to it.  At 6'4" 226 at his last weigh in, he's got size, athleticism and while it's hard to have too much a breakout year behind Meier, I expect he'll show himself to be a valuable future contributor.

WR: Johnathan Wilson, Bradley McDougald

Wilson is a gimme as are all the starters at receiver but McDougald, our 4 Star signing day surprise is listed at 6'2" 195 and has caught some eyes in summer 7 on 7.  Again we're deep at reciever so you hate to waste a year, but I think McDougald, like McGriff, might make it hard to keep him off the field.

TE: Tim Biere, AJ Steward

Biere will be a very solid option for this position in it's traditional role from day one.  If we decide to split this out into  a 4 reciever set, look for Steward to man the field.

LT: Hawkinson, Wolfe

Well it sounds like the coaches are pretty high on Hawkinson and he's up to 285 so that's reassuring.  Behind him though I'd like some experience in Wolfe and I'd like him to actually push for time and live up to his hype coming in.

RT: Spikes, Leuken

Spikes needs to assert himself this year and I'm hoping despite the less than optimistic report from Mangino, that Leuken steps into this role and provides and equally capable backup at the position.  If not we're thin and a guy like Riley Spencer might have to be the man in waiting at this spot.

LG: John Williams, Carl Wilson

Big John Williams is ready to be the man on the left side with Tanner Hawkinson for the next four years.  Talk about stability, if this works out we're in great shape for the future.  I expect Carl Wilson to backup despite being the starter in the spring game.

RG: Sal Capra, Trevor Marrongelli

Word is Marrongelli might be the guy, but I think I'm more comfortable with Capra in there as he showed a lot in his role last year stepping in for Hartley.  Just a guy I'm rooting for and maybe give Trevor one more year to develop.  That said, if Trevor does make the leap to starter...we're talking about another stable building block for the future.

C: Hatch, Thorson

No secrets here Hatch is a future all conference center and Thorson is a very capable backup that will push Hatch for time and maybe even push for time at Guard.


E: Jake Laptad, Kevin Young

Laptad has this spot secured and Kevin Young is a mid year that I would love to see in this rotation getting minutes and developing for the future.  He's ready now physically and this guy had some big time schools all over him so I think the upside and preparation are there for him to see minutes.

E: Maxwell Onyegbule, Quinton Woods

I'm rooting for Max to breakthrough this year and take those glimpses of potential we've seen and turn it into a full time gig.  Rotate him in with Quinton Woods and what he apparently provides and we've hopefully found to solid edge rushers.

DT: Zlatnik, Blakesly

Zlatnik is a state champion wrestler, he knows leverage and as admirable as Blakesly has been I think Duane can provide something in the middle now to the extent that I'd love him as a starter.

DT: Richard Johnson Jr, Jamal Greene

Johnson was the best man in the rotation for 08' and Greene has always been a potential guy with great size, so I'm hoping he breaks through and can contribute for his final two seasons with the Jayhawks

LB: Arist Wright, Angus Quigley

Wright played well in the 4-2-5 against the Tigers at the end of the season and apparently was somewhat hobbled.  He's been listed as a workout warrior two years running on so this is it, his shot at the LB spot.  For Quigley we need him to be something because he's to big, strong, fast and physical to finish his career having never been a difference maker. 

LB: Springer, Brooks

Springer was the heir apparent until hurt last season.  From all accounts he's back and healthy but will have to earn this spot.  I give him the edge and I think he can play this spot well.  Factor in a guy like Brooks and our depth at Linebacker under the new gameplan doesn't look too bad.

CB: Thornton, Greg Brown

Thornton had as many pics as a soph as did Talib, last year he bounced around and hopefully he's gotten his priorities in order and will be ready for a strong senior campaign.  I'll take Greg Brown over Davis for the ideal because his talent has been talked about with a lot of promise and he'll be able to step in for 3 more years behind Thornton if he is ready.

CB: Daymond Patterson, Calvin Rubles

Patterson is the one we all want here, great hips, speed and did very well last year.  Rubles in the backup role means he too is a candidate for the 2010 replacement to Thornton.

FS: Strozier, Harris

Not a whole lot of explanation needed here although I would look for a guy like Prinz Kande to push for some time.  Still though I want Strozier and Harris to take this spot 1-2 so we can keep a shirt on some of these talented youngsters we have coming in on defense.

SS: Stuckey, Lubbock Smith

Stuckey's the obvious choice and backing him up I want Smith because it sounds like he had a great redshirt year and again I like the idea of Kande and Linton taking a shirt this year if it means a stronger defense in the future. 

Nickelback/3rd Safety: Chris Harris, Calvin Rubles

Chris Harris started his freshman year on an Orange Bowl Champion team, we need him to be able to fill this role.  Again Rubles getting experience to step into some part of the defensive backfield in 2010.


So there's mine and while I know much of everyone's will be the same is there anything you are hoping might be different?  Kande or Linton stepping in at Safety?  Brooks at starting LB?  Rell Lewis v Toben? Let's here it and let's here why.