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Big 12 Media Day: Kansas 10:30am

For those that weren't aware Big 12 Media Days kicked off yesterday with Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Iowa State and Texas A&M all taking their turns in front of the collective media to kickoff the first activity signaling the impending fall.  Today however the Jayhawks will get their crack at things with Darrell Stuckey, Todd Reesing and Kerry Meier all joining Coach Mangino in Dallas.  If you've got time today and want to watch, here's a link to the streaming video at 10:30 which is when the Jayhawks are up at the podium so to speak.

On another side note, summer conditioning wraps up this week and the players get a quick trip home to visit with family and friends before returning for the real deal less than two weeks away.  From the sounds of things it's been a VERY productive summer for some of these guys and their is a lot of confidence in the locker room headed into the fall.