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SB Nation 2009 All-Big 12 Preseason Team

As Denver mentioned earlier today, the fine folks over at The Ralphie Report have organized a bloggers' version of a preseason poll. The results were released this evening, and as expected, the team was absolutely dominated by the Big 12 South. Most notably, the triumvirate of Oklahoma, Texas and Oklahoma State. 18 of the 27 slots on the team were taken by one of those three teams, with 3 more slots going to the Baylor Bears giving the South 21 of the 27 slots.

The class of the North each took home two selections a piece; Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska. The Jayhawks picked up the two obvious selections; Dez Briscoe and Darrell Stuckey. Hard to make too strong of a case for anyone else to make the team, but three other Jayhawks did, in fact, receive votes. Jake Laptad, Jeremiah Hatch and Jake Sharp all had at least one blogger voting for them (and me and Denver, as the Kansas bloggers, couldn't vote for them, so it had to be someone else), so they at least have the respect of someone out there.

Thoughts on who should have made it? Who shouldn't have?