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SB Nation All Big 12 Preseason Nomination

Is it August yet?  Starting to feel like it at least.  The Colorado SB Nation blog The Ralphie Report has organized a 2009 preseason All Big 12 selection recently and while I'm not sure if RC or myself will be doing the voting for the site I do believe my nominations were used.  Either that or RC and I had very similar lists of players. 

Anyway, I thought it worthwhile to give you guys a rundown of who we threw out there as legitimate All Conference candidates and perhaps a little cannon fodder for the blogosphere. We'll also bring a little update on who we voted for and why and finally I'm not sure how, but at some point the SB Nation All Big 12 team as voted on by the Big 12 blogs. 

One thing to keep in mind, we don't get to vote for our own team, only nominate.  Always remember too, as they say at the oscars, it's just nice to be nominated.  Of course it's a whole lot nicer to win.

Without further ado the nominees for the Kansas Jayhawks as selected by the RCT editorial staff are...(drum roll).

nominee listing after the jump...

Todd Reesing - Senior Quarterback

Jake Sharp -  Senior Running Back

Jeremiah Hatch - Sophomore Center

Dezmon Briscoe - Junior Wide Receiver

Kerry Meier - Senior Wide Receiver

Tim Biere - Sophomore Tight End

Jake Laptad - Junior Defensive End

Darrell Stuckey - Senior Safety

Daymond Patterson - Sophomore Cornerback

Justin Thornton - Sophomore Cornerback

Alonzo Rojas - Senior Punter


So there you have it.  These are the guys that have at least in someway proven they are capable of an all conference year, or have shown enough potential that they could be legitimate All Conference players this year.  It's a preseason poll and none of this really matters if you don't show up this fall, but it's still a fun excercise.