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Geneo Grissom the Newest Jayhawk

It appears the Kansas Jayhawk football staff has landed their fourth commitment of the 2010 class as the Jayhawkslant is reporting that Hutchinson High defensive end Geneo Grissom has pulled the trigger with a verbal. 

Grissom is considered a strongside defensive end prospect with a big frame standing 6'4" inching toward 6'5", weighing in around 230. 

Geneo is a 3 Star recruit as rated by rivals and at this point I have had a couple of very brief conversations with him and will work on getting some sort of an interview similar to what we did last summer with guys like Tyrone Sellers, Kevin Young, Jordan Webb etc.  I will say though that I do know he is involved in power lifting in the state and considers himself somewhat of a workout warrior.  He's made some major strides in his strength, agility and conditioning in recent years and believes he has a lot of upside and potential to really develop. 

A Kansas kid who wants to be a Jayhawk is always welcome and while we may have missed on a couple of local guys early Geneo is the kind of local player the Jayhawks need to be landing early commitments from and keeping in state.  A pass rush is huge in football and defensive end is a major part of that so adding solid depth and competition at this spot is always welcome.  Glad to have you aboard Mr. Grissom and look forward to seeing you in the crimson and blue.

Also just a quick little FYI on recruiting nuggets here at RCT.  I can't and won't claim to be a recruiting expert but I do my best to bring you some interviews, info on camps as well as thoughts from recruits and commitments when I can through what contacts I have.  I will say though that with some new obligations at home, places like the Slant and The Shiver do a great job of keeping on top of things and at this point have far more "ins" than I.  So I'll relay any news from them over here for discussion as well while giving full credit to those guys for breaking the story kind of like what the KC Star, KUSports and all those guys do.  I'm not trying to report it as my own in any way but we've got a fun group over here and it's nice to throw this stuff out there and get everyones thoughts.  So when it's mine you'll know and when it's coming from elsewhere you'll know that too.  Thanks to all for reading, commenting and it's starting to really feel like football season.