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Xavier and CJ Still Jayhawks?

The smoke is thickening and there is most certainly fire surrounding the rumor that both Xavier and CJ Henry may not in fact be headed to Kansas after all.  Carl Henry keeps talking to the media and dropping hints about a possible change in the decision and now reports have surfaced Bill Self and Danny Manning are flying to OKC tonight as the Henry's are having second thoughts and honestly I don't think they want to be Jayhawks. 

I'm interested to hear what everyone else thinks and I certainly don't have any knowledge other than what's being talked about by other outlets but this is getting a tad ugly.  I'd love to have the Henry brothers in the Crimson and Blue next year but I'm getting concerned and starting to think Self might need to draw a line in the sand here.  Even if it means playing 09'-10' without the Henry's.

Make no mistake I'm still a big fan of these two and want them in a Kansas uniform but it just seems like they've had ample opportunity and if they still aren't sold something is wrong.