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Rockchalk's Ramblings // 6-25-09

I don't really know what to say. I'll try and be way more consistent with the RR postings, as well as actually posting other stuff at the same time. As for right now, there is understandably a large mass of links to pass along your way.

Kansas Football

2009 Kansas College Football Predictions | NCAA Football Lines

This is basically just a simple summary of our team, but still interesting.

Berry Tramel ranks Big 12 football games from 1-96 |

This is a really interesting link. This guy, Berry Tramel, takes every single Big 12 schedule and ranks the games, 1-96, conference-wide. Kansas' games are as follows:

  • #9 -- vs. Missouri
  • #14 -- vs. Nebraska
  • #18 -- vs. Oklahoma
  • #28 -- @ Kansas State
  • #30 -- @ Colorado
  • #38 -- @ Texas Tech
  • #42 -- @ Texas (guess they don't really give us a shot at winning)
  • #44 -- vs. Southern Miss
  • #46 -- @ UTEP
  • #54 -- vs. Duke
  • #74 -- vs. Iowa State
  • #95 -- vs. Northern Colorado (ouch!)

Quigley's crash course |

The Angus Quigley-to-linebacker angle is a very interesting one. I mean, on one hand, it is cool that he's making the switch so late in his collegiate career, and he definitely has the body for the position (and the fumbleitis to keep him away from the ball on offense. But, it isn't like he's going to be seeing some big-time PT. At least, I don't think so.

BMOC: Collins vs. Reesing |

There are a helluva lot more basketball links today, so I'll put this intersport link in with the pigskin ones. I have to disagree with Tully on this one, too. It has to be Hot Toddy. Sure, Sherron is awesome and great and probably more recognizable, given the fact that basketball players don't wear masks. But Todd Reesing's face has to be well-known by now, right? And given our sketchy football history, which Todd has entirely changed, he has to have a greater on the fanbase. Maybe I'm way off, here, but I don't think so.

Kansas Basketball

Lance Stephenson is still without a school, and here's why - The Dagger - NCAA Hoops -

The Lance Stephenson saga has yet to find an end, and may not ever, really. I feel bad for the kid, considering that he was almost assuredly picking Kansas before John Calipari changed the entire recruiting landscape, and now he is getting shunned by Florida International, but it isn't like he's some goodie two-shoes getting screwed left-and-right. As the post says, he has 4 strikes going against him in a 3-strike world, and an NCAA investigation is almost assuredly pending when he commits, if he ever does at all. Let's just say it ain't lookin' pretty.

Wondering about :

June -- the time to wonder. Apparently, at least.

Tulsa World: KU widely favored for next season

Why yes, of course we'll be favored. Thanks for the reinforcement, though, Tulsa World. A nice batch of quotes from ESPN talking heads, though. And I mean that.

KU's Robinson embracing life on the hill |

Good. As stacked as we are, Mr. Robinson should still see plenty of playing time.

Sherron Collins is heavy again |

Oh boy. Here we go again. As long as he's all better by September, I suppose it isn't a huge deal. But, um, yeah. Not good.

An excuse to write about Nate Erdmann |

A list of some of the more forgotten Big 12 draft picks ever.

Tyshawn Taylor at No. 17: An exploration |

I haven't heard too much T2-to-the-NBA speculation so far, but I'm sure it will start fairly soon. And if he leaves, and Cole leaves and Sherron leaves and Xavier leaves, we could be in a similar position to last year. As long as they leave a National Championship behind, though, I couldn't be happier. Obviously.

"It's Draft Day in the NBA: Does anyone care?" by 'Hawks in the NBA |

(Raises hand). No, really, I'll watch it. I love the Draft.

Offering no regrets |

It's nice to hear and all, but I mean what do you expect them to say?

"Yeah, not entering the Draft was the biggest mistake of my life. Every day I wake up and wish I would have left this school. I wish I wasn't even here right now."

I mean, I believe them and everything. It just seems like a funny article to write.

KU freshman Elijah Johnson undergoes knee scope |

Oh boys. As long as everything ends up OK, which it sounds like it will, then sweet. That doesn't make it any less scary, though, that's for sure. Hopefully he's back in the expected 6 weeks, or whatever, and he won't miss a second of practice.

Holy Cross search includes KU's Dooley |

This isn't shocking in the least. Dooley is going to be leaving for a Head Coaching job at sometime, and probably sooner rather than later. But, I mean, how does Holy Cross still not have a Head Coach? It's good to be deliberate and everything, not to make a mistake, but geez. It's nearly July. They might want to speed this thing up, right about now.

Xavier Henry completes stellar offseason for Kansas basketball - Luke Winn -

My favorite of the basketball links, probably, but that's just because I looove Luke Winn. At this point, though, the top half of both the best and worst offseasons pretty much write themself. Kansas and Kentucky for the best, in that order, with USC and Memphis topping the worst. Game over.

Kansas Other Sports

USA picks KU's McCray |

Tyshawn won't be the only Jayhawk on a Team USA roster this summer. Danielle McCray will be on the woman's team. And as a senior next year, she'll (hopefully) lead us to a NCAA Tournament for the first time since forever.

KU's Walz on Team USA roster |

Add another one to the Team USA bandwagon! T.J. will be on the baseball one, obviously.

KU hires softball coach |

New softball coach. Old LSU assistant. That's all I know. Sorry.

KU releases athletics GPAs |

What a way to end this endless array of links, hey? With a mindless list of GPA's broken up by sport. I have no comment on them, sorry.