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Rockchalk's Ramblings // 6-17-09

Slow day in the Kansas-related sports world. I think this is the fewest links we've had yet.

Kansas Football

Bruce Feldman: Top 10 softest nonconference schedules - ESPN (Insider)

I'm not an Insider, so I can just see the list through T7 Arkansas, but I'm hoping we aren't on this list. We don't deserve it. It is no gauntlet, sure, but it is not one of the "softest" in the country. Of the 9 teams I can see, 5 of them belong to the most precious conferences in the MSM's eyes; the Big Ten/Eleven and the Ess Eee See.

Rating the clipboard kings -

This is a really good one. It runs through the best coordinators in the Big 12, with our own Ed Warriner clocking in at #6. The two Texas coordinators get spots 1 and 3 (Muschamp and Davis, respectively), while Oklahoma's go 2 and 4 (Wilson and Venables, respectively). So, in the non Red River Shootout-division, the top two are: Bill Young, ex-Jayhawk coordinator, and Ed Warriner. That's awesome. Not really sure how an Iowa State coordinator made the list, though.

Kansas Basketball

The link is really bothering me, but whatever. Basically, it's one of those run-of-the-mill "we're all excited for hoops season!" posts. The league will be ridiculously strong this year, though, so that'll be fun to watch. It's tough to top the Big East, just because they have 16 teams and so many of them are just ridiculous, but we very well may be the second-best conference in college basketball next season.

Big 12 men’s basketball predicted to top the U.S. charts | Sports |

Or is this one the run-of-the-mill story? This is from way down south, Dallas, and actually proclaims the Big 12 to be the best conference. So, I suppose we'll see. | Ready to rumble

Sweet news. Travis Releford is all better from his skin condition, which is really good news. Releford, as everyone knows around here, is a personal favorite of mine. I hope that, amidst the ridiculous amount of talent, he can find a way to get significant minutes.

Kansas Baseball | KU has filled void at short

And finally, a nice little story on Kansas' heir apparent at shortstop, Brandon Macias. I found Price's admission that he only expects Macias for a year kind of odd, but I suppose that's the plan. Play well enough to get drafted right away.

Ramble-less today, because I'm working on an actual story. Hopefully, it'll be posted today. Hopefully.