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Rockchalk's Ramblings // 6-15-09

Sorry for this being late. I'm going to try and start posting these in the morning, but with it being summer (yay!) and me being 3 hours behind, it's tough. Still, I'm not making excuses. Just sayin'. In any case, here are the links. A special, and very large section, is appropriately designated to ex-AD Bob Frederick, who passed away over the weekend after a fatal biking accident, as I'm sure all of you know by now. It was overshadowed by ESPN by Jim Calhoun breaking ribs on a bike, but hey, what are you going to do?

Obviously, the best of wishes go out to the Frederick family and all of his friends for their loss.

Bob Frederick

Column: Frederick loved KU, Lawrence | -- Rick Dean

Bob Frederick was a gentleman and a gentle man - Kansas City Star -- Joe Posnanski | Freddy’s integrity inspiring -- Andrew Hartsock | Frederick, a friend, will be missed by all -- Gary Bedore | Freddy exuded class -- Chuck Woodling | Ex-Lions remember ‘Coach’ -- Tom Keegan

Kansas Basketball | KU hoops players welcome Johnson

Nice, introductory-type story on Elijah Johnson. I'm quickly becoming a fan. | Chasing his dream

Russell Robinson, sharing the common sentiment that European basketball isn't all that fun. He'll be playing summer ball with the Magic, so hopefully he can stick with the defending Eastern Conference Champions.

Kansas Football | Football camp attracts national prospects

Denver posted the video of the Super Jayhawk Camp, and now here is a story from Keegan on it. Usually, there are a couple of commitments following the Camp, so we'll see if those roll in the next couple of weeks this year.

Quarterback Chris Harper to join K-State football team - Kansas City Star

I know this isn't Kansas-related, but it is interesting. Chris Harper is a fabulous athlete, and while there were doubts when he was coming out of HS (Class of 2008) about whether he could stick at QB, he's the type of athletic, run-pass option, spread QB Bill Snyder was looking for. It's hard to tell the old man no, from what I've heard, so Harper is coming back from Oregon to play in Manhattan.

We'll forgo the topic, today.