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Links and a Topic // 6-11-09

So, I'm terrible at coming up with names. Particularly catchy, creative ones. If I ever do get married, and am tasked with naming a child, I have absolutely no clue how that will go down. I'm just terrible at it. The point being, if you can think of a creative name for this setup, which will hopefully become a daily thing, then drop it in the comments or email it to me (rockchalktalk _at_ gmail _dot_ com), because most of these things have cute names. For example, Double-T Nation's Daily Diatribe (today's edition), which is kind of what this is based off of.

Essentially, this will be plenty of links I can find that have something to do with something, most likely the Kansas Jayhawks. Then, I'll chat away on some topic. It's designed to generate some discussion, hopefully about something interesting, without me putting in hours of work everyday.

So, hopefully I'll keep up with this. And it really bothers me to start such a series so randomly, on a Thursday in the middle of June, I'm over it. I figured I might as well start now, as opposed to merely waiting for Monday to come around and make it tidier, or whatever.

Kansas Football

Jackets to meet Jayhawks |

It's all about the Yellow Jackets, and them making the trip up to Lawerence in 2010.

Dugan A., man's take on Chris Dawson and summer conditioning, with plenty of interviews from ex-Jayhawks.

A rundown of the preseason predictions that all seem to come out at the same time. Included: the absolutely necessary outrage over Phil Steele placing us 4th in the North. It's informative and interesting, but I don't think the author understands the necessity of putting a space between paragraphs.

Kansas Baseball

KU's Thompson an All-American |

Awesome stuff. Third-team All-American according to the BBWAA, second-team according to Ping! Baseball. Not bad, not bad. Pretty sure, though, that we'll only get one more year of Tony.

Kansas Basketball | Leaving the nest

Thomas Robinson, rebounder extraordinaire, talking about leaving home for the first time. | Taylor gives digits to KU basketball freshman

Tyshawn Taylor is giving up his #15, handing it to Elijah Johnson. Obsessions over numbers seem silly, but whatever. And T2 does end up getting #10, now that stinkin' Brennan Bechard was gone (T2's AAU number was #10, but it was already taken at St. Patrick's so he went to #15). | Morningstar out 4-6 weeks with stress fracture

Old news, really. They talked about the injury in vague tones during the actual season, and it's been known as a stress fracture for a little while. He recently had the actual surgery, though, so yay! Newsworthy. It's fun to read the comments on this one, though, just to get a helping of some ridiculous Kansas fans. Ugh. | Former Jayhawk Langford to Russia?

I thought about not including this, but I figured it'd be fun. Langford going to Russia, to a team other than Sasha's team (although his is in Moscow as well), for what is rumored to be $2.6 million over 2 years. Not bad, not bad. Good for Keith. | Xavier Henry to skip summer school, will report to KU's campus in August

Xavier Henry is not interested in your summer school. Seriously though, it's something about some teeth problems. Whatever the case, it's much ado about nothing, really. Sure, it'd be nice for him to meet-and-greet the team before Fall practice, but it's OK. It's his choice. | Old school

Billy Thomas' 33 points leads the Alumni to a 15-point victory over the Jayhawks' current outfit. 67-52, in a game where Sasha Kaun completely destroyed Cole Aldrich. At least, that is how it would appear, given Cole's game-ending tally of 2 points. Marcus Morris did go 3-4 from three-point range, though, so that's nice. And both he and Markieff have added plenty of weight, so that's good.

Arena Wars: Allen Fieldhouse vs. Gallagher-Iba Arena - NCAA Division I Mens Basketball - News, Fantasy, Video

9 times out of 10, these things are stupid. Everyone, everywhere, people has these bogus mythical battles of homecourt advantages or just the building themselves or whatever. This one, though, has a nice little writeup, which makes it somewhat interesting. It's still kind of pointless, and if you're worried about the Phog winning such a mythical event, don't because Allen is up 84% to 16%, but you're in charge of your own life. Make a decision.

Topic of discussion after jump...

Xavier Henry: Starter Out of the Gate?

I've seen it written a lot of places that Xavier will pretty much start from day one. Not in so few words, but it seems to be a given. And there are certainly reasons for people to think that. Last year, Brady Morningstar was the starter at the 3, Xavier's most likely collegiate position. Brady Morningstar is no Xavier Henry. But think back to Bill Self, and his policy on such things.

He values defense above all else. Always. Well, almost always. For the majority of the season, Tyrel Reed was a superior offensive player to Brady. But Brady never lost his starting spot, and you could simply point to his defense as the reason why. Plus, Bill certainly isn't the type of coach to simply hand over starting spots. You have to earn it, no matter how much "better" you figure to be. I mean, the man started Christian Moody. When Darrell Arthur showed up on campus, he continued to ride the bench. Same situation with Sherron Collins.

If Xavier was going to start any time before conference play, he was going to have to show up to summer school and impress. Not just impress on offense; we're all excited to see that part. But he would have to limit the mistakes, limit the stupid plays, and show up in a big way on the defensive side of the ball. Now that he's not even showing up to Lawrence until August, I'm willing to bet that he starts out off the bench. Maybe even behind Tyrel Reed, way deep in the rotation. He'll get his minutes, certainly. But he'll have to earn them, or Bill will keep him on the bench.

Just because Brady Morningstar isn't as talented or athletic as Xavier, doesn't mean we aren't necessarily a worse team overall. And it isn't as if we are in dire need of a ridiculous talent just to make us competitivie; we did make it to the Sweet 16 last season, minutes away from advancing to the Elite Eight and beating the future runner-up.

I promise I'm not biased or anything. I just always seem to side with the status quo, instead of bowing over for an incoming recruit and hoping on hope that he will make us better. No thanks. And I'm probably even in the majority, here, and aren't even breaking ground.

But I will go in the minority on something: we'll be a better team with Brady on the floor than Xavier for the first, oh, 3 months of the season. By February, X should get it; before then, give me the better overall package of Brady.

Of course, it wouldn't be terribly difficult to prove me wrong and make me look like an idiot.