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Banter topics, some of which are related to KU sports

Just some random banter topics to give us things to talk about.


Crimson and Cream Machine published a story about the greatest KU alumni to play in the NFL.  He thinks John Riggins has an edge over Gale Sayers.


CCM also took Chuck Woodling of the LJ World to task for bringing up an old grudge against Wayman Tisdale in a story he published the day after Tisdale's death.  I can’t say I disagree with CCM's take on this matter.


Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star is another newspaper reporter not showing his best side this week.  Kravitz picked a fight with the SB Nation blog Stampede Blue and comes out of the whole mess looking childish and small minded.  My two cents, Kravitiz is a great example of how bad newspaper sports reporting often is, and thus one of the driving forces behind the growth of internet sports reporting.  The more Kravitz says the better Stampede Blue looks.


The latest victim of the recession, the entire athletic department at the University of New Orleans.  Unless something drastic happens soon UNO will close their entire athletic department over the summer.  New Orleans Hornets owner George Shinn is attempting to head a rescue effort.


Kansas State fans are in a world of hurt right now.  Apparently former AD Bob Krause had a secret agreement with former football head coach Ron Price that will cost the KSU athletic department not $1.2 million, but $4.4 million, for firing him without cause.  According to Kansas State not even the president of the university knew about the secret deal.  The school has filed suit to invalidate the pact.


In a non-sports related shout out, Bob Herbert’s NY Times op-ed on veterans and mental dysfunction is excellent.  This topic plays a substantial role in my own research and I think Herbert gets to a core argument very well in a short essay.