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Fans Q&A with Ritch Price

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Kansas baseball head coach Ritch Price will be answering questions from fans on Rock Chalk Talk for the rest of the 2009 season.  If you have a question for Coach Price just submit it below in the comments section or e-mail it to jqku at hotmail . com.  Please include the name you would like to see posted.

Below are Coach Price's replies to last week’s questions.

Who is coming in next year for the Jayhawks, and do you feel that your recruiting strategy will center more on potential “HS to MLB” players with last year’s success. (SweedishHamma) 

We signed four quality players in the early signing period in November to replace the four seniors on our current roster. 

Tanner Poppe, RHP from Girad, Kansas 6'5" 250 is a big time prospect.  90-94 and is valadictorian of his class.  Turned down Arizona, Arkansas, Nebraska, and Wichita Sate.

Shawn Blackwell, 6'5 '190 RHP Clear Creek, Texas 88-92 with tremendous upside.  Rated in Top 100 high school players in America

Alex De Leon, C/3B from El Camino High School, Woodlands California 6'2" 215  Physical Righthanded hitter with pop.  Has plus arm and ability to play multiple positions.  Highly recruited out of Southern California, bat will play and contribute as freshman

Brandon Macias, SS South Mountain College, Phoenix, Arizona  Rated by many as one of the top defensive infielders in the country.  Plays in a wood bat conference and hit 350 with 7 homeruns as a freshman.  Was at Arizona State on scholarhship in the fall of his freshman year. 

More questions and replies after the jump.

What is your relationship like with Bill Self and Mark Mangino? (Rock Chalk) 

Outstanding!  Coach Self sent me a text after we swept #1 Texas opening weekend in the Big 12.  Coach Mangino is a big baseball fan. 

Who is the best player you’ve ever coached? (Rock Chalk) 

I've coached eight guys who have played in the majors, but the best player I've ever coached was Scott Kidd.  He won the Big West batting title, got to AAA with the Yankees and is now the West Coast Cross Checker for the Oakland A's. 

Who do you believe on this team has the best shot at making it in the Majors? ( From Jordon Carroll, Lawrence) 

Lee Ridenhour 

David Narodowski is one of my favorite players.  Do you expect him to stay at Kansas next year?  If Narodowski leaves who do you expect will play shortstop? 

David is an outstanding college player.  He reminds me a lot of David Eckstein, who has won 2 world championships.  He doesn't have the physical tools that jump off the chart, but is a winner!  As a righthanded hitter it will be hard for him to be drafted high enough to sign a pro contract as a junior.  If he was to sign, Brandon Macias would be the shortstop, he can really pick it.  

What teams do the players most enjoy playing against? (Okay, that was my question there, but I'm a fan also!)   

Our players really like playing at Texas A&M, the environment is big time.

Thanks to Coach Price for taking the time to answer these questions.  Keep them rolling in.  More replies will be posted next week.