Rumor: Ben Lueken Hospitalized, Jocques Crawford Rumored to Be Involved

Note: Obviously, this is a rumor. Thus, it's labeled as such. So, don't take any of this as absolute fact, and don't judge anybody involved. Please, try and be as civil as possible. 

Also, the title has been changed with the additional knowledge, now that it is confirmed. Awful, awful news.

Here is a quote from the Lawrence Journal-World's story:

The Kansas University Public Safety Office is investigating an early Sunday morning incident in which a student was struck by a vehicle and injured.

Capt. Schuyler Bailey, a spokesman for the public safety office, said the incident occurred just before 2 a.m. Sunday in the parking lot east of the Jayhawker Towers. The victim was taken to Lawrence Memorial Hospital and was later transferred to KU Hospital in Kansas City, Kan.

“There was some confrontation in the parking lot prior to, and basically the investigation is continuing. We’re still interviewing people,” Bailey said.

Now, that is all fact. As unfortunate and tragic as all of that is, it gets worse. According to Oread Boom Kings, or more accurately their sources that "we consider quite reliable".

Here is what they have to say, information via the aforementioned source:

A close source, whom we consider quite reliable has informed us that the person responsible for hitting a pedestrian after a confrontation in Lawrence late Saturday night/early Sunday mornings is none other than RB Jocques Crawford.  Our source says the pedestrian was a teamate, name unknown.  The back of the skull was fractured in 4 places and had severe swelling of his brain.  They don’t think he’ll make it so they are waiting to press charges accordingly.  Once again, take this for what it is- a rumor(even as well backed up as we have heard.)  We wish the best for the person lying in that hospital bed, no matter what the reason or who hit him.  Hope this all turns out to be a rumor, but wanted to let you know what we are hearing.


(and from the comments section, with an update from Ginger Balls)

From another anonymous yet extremely reliable source close to the team:

Apparently there was a bit of dust-up between Joc and Ben Lueken. Not sure who else was involved. Apparently Joc said something to Ben, who flew into a fit of rage. Ben was extremely intoxicated and jumped up on the hood of Joc’s Tahoe. Joc slammed on the brakes and Ben flew off, cracking his head open. Awaiting word how bad the injury is.

The team is very upset, for many reasons, about the whole situation.

Hopefully, all turns out well. First and foremost, the injured student, who is supposedly Lueken, can hopefully get healthy. That is what is most important, the most crucial aspect of this whole scenario.

We'll get into details later. But really, I just wanted to send off the best of wishes to whoever the injured student is, and to pray they will recover.



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