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Fans Q&A with KU Baseball Head Coach Ritch Price - Injury updates, KU to visit LSU in 2010.

Ritch Price
Ritch Price

Kansas baseball head coach Ritch Price will be answering questions from fans on Rock Chalk Talk for the rest of the 2009 season.  If you have a question for Coach Price just submit it below in the comments section or e-mail it to jqku at hotmail . com.  Please include the name you would like to see posted.

Kansas will face Baker today at Hoglund.  First pitch 6PM.

Below are Coach Price's replies to last week’s questions.

Several fans (Upswing, Kansas28 and bkmhoxx) have asked after the status of Cameron Selik and Paul Smyth.  Can you give an update on these two pitchers? 

Selik had an MRI on his elbow Friday, it came back normal, we will start him on Tuesday and monitor his pitch count to see if we can use him on the weekend against Nebraska.  Smyth played long toss last weekend at Texas Tech, his shoulder is feeling much better.  We hope to be able to use him this weekend. 

More questions and replies after the jump.

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge about running a program at a cold-weather school like Kansas? (From I need more Esteban)  

Preparing your team to play early in the season, when you can't get outside and scrimmage early in the year.  You have to schedule properly or you will not be prepared to play the quality of teams that are in the Big 12 Conference.  Quality indoor facilities are essential to a team’s success, as a head coach you have to be able to fund raise and make necessary upgrades to compete against the warm weather programs.


Do you have an overall recruiting strategy?  Do spend more time recruiting pitchers or hitters?  Are there certain types of players you look for?   

Our model is to spend 5.0 of the allocated 11.7 scholarships on pitching.  This year as a result of injuries to Marks, Marciel, Taylor, and Jakubov we are spending almost 8 full scholarships on pitching alone.  With the new change of season format and with nine Tuesday/Wednesday games, even more money needs to be spent on that side of the ball. 


What has been your defining moment thus far as head Kansas baseball coach? or have you had it yet? (From bkmhoxx) 

Winning the Big 12 Conference Tournament in 2006 and finishing the season ranked in the Top 25.  When I took over the program, my four year plan was to make the NCAA Tournament and we were able to accomplish that goal. 


Can you also give un update on the rehabs of Andy Marks, Wally Marciel and Jordan Jakubov?  

Marks is still rehabbing his shoulder and probably will not pitch this spring.  He continues to have significant pain. Marciel is throwing live to hitter is simulated games and looks great.  We will not use him with only one month left in the season.  His velocity is still not 100%, but we are thrilled with his progress.  Jordan had his second Tommy John surgery in December, when an MRI showed that his body rejected the first one he had in high school.  He is rehabbing, but won't be cleared to throw live until next January.  Thomas Taylor who had Tommy John surgery his senior year in high school as well, is progressing nicely. 


This is the first year that a home and home series with Missouri State was not scheduled.  Will the Bears be back on the schedule next year?  Do you have a good idea yet what KU’s non-conference schedule will look like in 2010? (My question here) 

We really like the Missouri State series and the stadium is big time.  We have had to cancel a series to stay under our 10 days of missed class time rule.  Next year we will play a non conference series at the new Alex Box Stadium to highlight the non conference schedule.