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2009 Season in Review: Awards - Game of the Year

Awards time, folks. You know, that one awkward Banquet, or whatever, at the end of the year for the big-money boosters. Yeah, it's kinda like that, but way better in every way, because no Banquet is involved. Only the internet.

Of course, Sherron won't be coming on to accept his award(s), so I suppose that kind of makes it worse. You can just get over it, though, yes?

In this edition, we nominate the Game of the Year. Was there really any question?

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Game of the Year -- Missouri 65 vs. Kansas 90 (March 1st)

Oh, what a game. It wasn't just that we hate Missouri. It wasn't just that Missouri was a Top Ten team. It wasn't just that we had lost so torturously a month before on a back-breaking, last-second shot. It wasn't just a chance to essentially clinch up the Big 12 Regular Season title. It wasn't just that Kirk Hinrich, always a crowd favorite, was getting his jersey hung up in the rafters at halftime.

It was all of it, jam-packed into 16,300 Jayhawk fans ready to scream their asses off. And it was that, more than anything, that made it so special. So, so special.

It was loud an hour before tip. Five minutes before, it was deafening. Seconds before the ref tossed the ball up in the air to officially begin the game, you couldn't hear the person breathe next to you.

That was all before the game. The actual, physical, 40 minutes of gametime? Oh boy.

It started out well. Really, well times a million. A quick, early lead quickly turned into something ridiculous. By the time the first half was over, we were up 26-points, 45-19, and the game was over. Way, way over.

The place didn't get quiet, though. Certainly not. There were John Brown posters to show off,  and Rock Chalk chants to close it out with.

I wasn't there. I didn't even show up to the OGT, the only 2009 OGT I wasn't a part of (yes, that's, I don't have a life). And yet, it was so, painfully obvious just how big this game was. All of the perfect elements combined to make it the most enjoyable experience possible.

Honorable Mention -- Kansas @ Oklahoma (Feb. 23rd)

In terms of watchability for your partisan fan, this was certainly the pick. Kansas-Missouri in Columbia too, but it wasn't as well-played as the one down in Norman, and the result wasn't good. KU-OU, though, was fantastic. Particularly the end-of-game, Sherron Collins vs. Willie Warren show. Sherron, man what a performance. But, you all know everything about that.

Next Up: Moment of the Year is a really stupid category, really, so I disbanded it. Plus, I couldn't think of a definitive moment.

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Note: I know that we're well beyond basketball season, but I just don't want to let this season die. I enjoyed these past 4 months more than just about any other 4 months of my life. Honestly. A lot of it is because of all of you, too, so I thank you all. But, no, I won't quite let this season die down yet. I have at least one more post planned, kind of like a farewell. It's just about whether that's the next one to show up, or not.