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Open Game Thread :: Texas Longhorns 20-9 (9-6) @ #9 Kansas Jayhawks 24-6 (13-2)

Here we are, the final regular season game of the season.

This season started off poorly, as we all expected, but we've come on strong as of late. Wednesday night was quite disparaging, but tonight is the night for redemption. It gives us the outright Conference Title, it provides us momentum heading into the most important games of the year, it tacks on another solid win in our quest to reclaim a #2 seed.

But, that's all secondary. Primarily, today is about two players. Two players who have given their heart-and-soul to the program, despite receiving extremely limited returns. They put in just as much work as the starters do, without getting the same national praise bestowed upon them. When we won the National Championship last year, no one really mentioned them to thank them for the countless hours.

Well, we're thanking them now.

Matt Kleinmann and Brennan Bechard, all of us here at RCT thank you for all that you've done.

We thank you, both of you...

I think both seniors score before they come out of the game to start out, and they end up scoring a combined 6 points. The rest of our team shows up on fire, after playing like shit Wednesday night, and we surge ahead to an early lead. Texas never completely recovers, and while they make some runs to cut it close in the second half, they never get closer than 6-or-7. We keep on running, and the Horns don't quite keep up with us.

Kansas 82 Texas 67