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Championship Week -- Day Five

No preview, or anything, or even a listing of games. Just way too many, and I'm feeling sort of lazy, at the moment.

Still, there are dozens and dozens of games today, from incredibly important Bubble games to the first Conference Championship to bundles of Conference Tournament games.

This is your thread to put any-and-all comments in for the day.

We will be having a separate OGT for the Kansas game, though, at it's normally scheduled time, so for those hours, or whatever, this thread will just be neglected.

And, finally, congratulations are in order for the Cornell Big Red, who became the first team to officially be invited to the NCAA Tournament. Congratulations, Andy Bernards.


I'll be here all day, as I have no life beyond college basketball. The next month, everything is shelved, temporarily at the very least, and CBB is put on first. It really is a disease.

The Race for Four-Thousand begins...NOW!