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Championship Week -- Day Three

Note: Yes, this is the first day we're doing this, but it's the third day of Championship Week, so we're sticking with Day Three. Live with it, mmmkay?

We are upon the greatest month of the year. Yes, this is as good as it gets, and it isn't even close. March is just, the best. So, because this community is so awesome and active and, despite yesterday's terrible loss, pumped, I figured we might as well have an OGT for every day. I'll still be working on material and stuff, just like normal, but plan on an Open Game Thread for every day. Now, these will be centered around college basketball, but feel free to send them down a new direction, if you see fit. Mostly, this will be Championship Week-related stuff, but any CBB game is free game.

So, basically, there are three separate kinds of matchups that I'll quickly breakdown everyday. There are your marquee, must-see matchups because of the sheer talent of the two teams. Then, you've got your bubble games, that could make-or-break a team's NCAA hopes. And, finally, you've got the greatest spectacles in sports: conference tournaments.

Breakdown of all of the games for Thursday after the break...

* Note: All gametimes are EST...

Bubble Games

Team in italics is a bubble team.

Bubble Game of the Day: Tennessee @ South Carolina (ESPN, 7PM) -- The winner will likely be safe for the NCAA Tournament, while the loser still needs work to do. Although, you'd have to figure that at least 3 SEC teams get in, and Florida and Kentucky both completely shot their chances last night. So, both teams appear to be safe, but a win would get it done, for good, for either one.

Other Bubble Games

Providence @ Villanova (ESPN2, 7PM) -- Providence needs to keep winning, and a win in Philly would go a long ways.

Illinois @ Penn State (ESPN, 9PM) -- Illinois is likely in, but Penn State could really use another solid W. Plus, this would be a sweep of the Fightin' Illini.

Dayton @ Xavier (ESPN2, 9PM) -- A win here for the Flyers would lock them up, while Xavier is fighting for seeding. We've got James Quinn, or JQ (who is a Dayton fan), versus me here (for those new around here, I plan on attending Xavier next fall), so mass chaos should ensue. You're going down, JQ.

California @ Arizona (FSN, 10:30PM) -- Cal is likely in no matter what, but a W would guarantee them a spot. Arizona was looking fine just two weeks ago, but they've lost three straight. None of them were bad losses, per se, but they need to get back on the winning trail.

Championship Week

Summary: In total, there are 10 games. 2 A-Sun quarters, both Big South semis, 2 Missouri Valley first rounders and all 4 Northeast quarters.

CW Game of the Day: #3 Liberty vs. #2 VMI (ESPNU, 6PM) -- I can't wait for this one. I'm just absolutely giddy. You've got Seth Curry on Liberty. Travis and Chavis Holmes on VMI. Liberty never-ever fouls, then you have VMI. It's hard to explain VMI, so just check out there KP page. It's as extreme as it gets. The Keydets, though, are as run-and-gun as run-and-gun gets. Up-down, up-down, up-down. Craziness. Can't wait.

After the Game of the Day, we'll break it down by conference. For tomorrow, we've got:

Atlantic Sun (Quarterfinals) -- Nashville, TN

#6 Mercer vs. #3 Belmont (3:30PM)
#5 Campbell vs. #4 Lipscomb (ESPN FullCourt, 9:30PM)


Big South (Semifinals) -- Radford, VA

#3 Liberty vs. #2 VMI (ESPNU, 6PM)
#4 UNC-Asheville vs. #1 Radford (ESPNU, 8PM)


Missouri Valley (First round) -- St. Louis, MO

#9 Indiana State vs. #8 Drake (7:05PM)
#10 Missouri State vs. #7 Wichita State (9:35PM)


Northeast (Quarterfinals) -- Host Sites

#8 St. Francis (NY) @ #1 Robert Morris (7PM)
#7 Wagner @ #2 Mount St. Mary's (7PM)
#6 Central Connecticut State @ #3 Sacred Heart (7PM)
#5 Quinnipiac @ #4 Long Island (7PM)


Again, any-and-all games are fair game, but we're focusing on the aforementioned games. They are the most interesting, after all.

The OGT is scheduled to kick-off right at 3:00 EST, 2:00 CST, 12:00 way out here. That's thirty minutes prior the scheduled tip for Belmont-Mercer, so everyone can show up and get all of their pregame content about the much-anticipated game.

So, yeah, I'll be here as soon as I possibly can. Race home from school, probably get here sometime around 6:30 EST. You should be here by then, too, at the very latest.

Let's hit 4,000...