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"Well, That Sucked" -- Postgame Thread

OK, I want to pull everyone who is still here, at least, to a new thread.

Consider this your postgame thread. The game sucked, but we were bound for a performance like that at some point. It's just how life works, I suppose.

I mean, really. We are a young team, and I'm almost glad we didn't go coasting into the NCAA Tournament all hot-and-fly. No, this loss should plant us firmly on the ground really quick, and if the L itself doesn't, NCHCBS should do it.

Photo detail

That says it all, right there... (NIck Krug - KU Sports)

So, just relax. In the grand scheme, this loss can really only be a positive. It grounds us, we still win the Big 12, even have control our own destiny to win the title outright.

It's all going to be OK.

After all, it's March!


Editor's Note: Yes, despite the ultimate travesty of tonight, we're still having an OGT tomorrow for the games. Frankly, I'll need to get past this game...