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Open Game Thread :: #9 Kansas Jayhawks 24-5 (13-1) @ Texas Tech Red Raiders 12-17 (2-12)

Just win, baby.

Win, and we're 2009 Big 12 Champioins. An Oklahoma loss tonight, in what should be the much-better game (OU @ MU, if you don't follow life), and we are outright champs with a victory.

I put out my KP preview way late, so I'll keep this short.

We're the better team. The much better team. We're on the road, so they will keep it close for awhile at the beginning, maybe even jump out to a 9-6ish lead and get everyone all riled up. Then, we show up, we dominate like we do, we end up winning by like 25.

Kansas 89 Texas Tech 64


Editor's Note: Entirely unrelated, this is the greatest time of the year. And, going off of Rock M Nation's idea to have OGT's, as well as yesterday's impromptu one, we're going to start having an OGT a day, leading up to Selection Sunday. Where, of course, there will be another OGT. Just a heads-up. If you're watching basketball this next week-and-a-half, ever, come on in and stop by and say hi. I'll try and be on every night; I'm watching the hoops, anyways. Just figured I'd let everyone know...