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Rock Chalk Talk reaches a readership milestone

The SBN Kansas City Royals blog Royals Review just hit a milestone.  The site celebrated its one millionth hit yesterday.  I think Royals Review is a model sports blog and I am very happy for its founder Will McDonald.  Reading Royals Review inspired me.  It was about a year after I joined Royals Review that I started to publish stories here about college baseball.


Rock Chalk Talk also hit a milestone last week.  A more humble milestone, but a significant one just the same.  The site recorded over 20,000 hits during the month of March 2009.  Since opening in December 2006 RCT has now been visited over 150,000 times.  Throughout its first two years RCT had a small but regular readership of about 5,000 visits per month.  That number began to climb last year.  January 2009 was the first month with more than 10,000 visits.  Two months later and the readership doubled once again.


I am posting this because I know Cory is too humble to do so himself.  In fact I hope he does not mind my putting up this post.  He has put in quite a bit of time developing the site and I think now is a good time to recognize his dedication and hard work.  Why not take a minute and give him a pat on the back in the comments section.