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Kansas' Season is Over

No hardcore thoughts, here. We have months and months for analysis and double-taking and all of that.

For now, it's time to commiserate. We all knew it was going to end eventually. There were moments when I thought just maybe, but it wasn't going to happen.

We all knew the season was ending with a big, fat L. Sure, it would have been awesome for that loss to come on Sunday, or maybe even in Detroit. That would have been really cool.

But in the end, it would all end in the same place. With this season being an incredibly rousing success and with an eye on next year.

Sure, we definitely could have won this game. We should have won it. It hurts, that we lost it. But, in the end, no bigs.

This season has been fun as hell. Quite possibly my favorite Kansas basketball season of my entire life. Sure, that seems ridiculous to say, but damn was it fun to watch this team grow. Just incredible stuff. I cannot wait for next year.

AP Photo // Michael Conroy


So, talk about whatever. Talk about the season, the game, the Elite Eight, whatever. More insight and commentary to come, but for now just have at it.