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Open Game Thread :: Sweet Sixteen :: #2 Michigan State Spartans vs. #3 Kansas Jayhawks

Note: Sorry for this being a half-hour late. Also, this is your thread for all other NCAA Tournament games. I want an inflated comment count by the end of the night.

For some strange reason, I have a good feeling about this game all of a sudden.

I keep on thinking back to the Final Four last year, when we were finally overlooked. Everyone picked North Carolina to run right on by us. Now, everyone is picking Michigan State to out-physical us. The only CBB mainstream analyst to pick us to win was Digger Phelps. Yeah, not exactly the loudest ring of endorsement.

And yet, that's better. As we've mentioned, there is very little pressure on this team. Maybe as little pressure on a Kansas men's basketball team since Bill Self got here. We've already made the Sweet Sixteen, already surpassed expectations.

It's all gravy, from here. Combining that with a general, common belief that our surprise run will come to an end tonight, and we can only go up. If we lose, whatever. Start focusing on next season.

But if we win, oh boy.

And, I do think I know why I believe we're going to win. It seems simple, maybe even toddler-ish. The reason I'm most confident about this game is that we're wearin' the blues.

You know, the road uniforms? Sure, we haven't played well in those blues, but this is different. This is a neutral floor, and we're the underdog.

Play free, play loose, play hard.

Play to win.

And, just in case we need it...