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Open Game Thread :: #11 Dayton Flyers vs. #3 Kansas Jayhawks

Here. We. Go.

The second round of the 2009 NCAA Tournament.

We haven't given up the defending National Champions title yet, folks.

I think we son. And, actually, I almost feel more confident about this one than the one against North Dakota State. Don't get me wrong, Dayton is awesome, and a better team than North Dakota State. I just think we match up better, with them.

Just a gut feeling. In the end, I'll say that the ultimate key to this game, Marcus Morris, shows up absolutely huge, and leads us to victory. Along with Cole's 15 and 14, of course, and Sherron's 24 points on 17 shots. We end up winning, 72-61.

Oh, and again, just for good luck. Y'know, if we aren't playing as well as I expect, and we need it. You can never be too careful:

Let's go, whales. Lead us, onward, to victory.