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Open Game Thread :: #14 North Dakota State Bison 26-6 vs. #3 Kansas Jayhawks 25-7


All that needed to be said has already been said.

I'm ridiculously nervous. Warden's not. Most others are somewhere in between. I have a feeling, as has been the trend both with us lately and with the higher seeds thus far in the NCAA Tournament, we get off to a slow start. Maybe even a really slow start. Hell, maybe we freak out and North Dakota State is up 15 at one point and this thread, right here, is a cuss-fest. Who knows.

But, in the end, I bet we win. I don't want to guarantee anything, but I have a feeling. A feeling that in the end, we'll make the plays necessary. It's a good feeling, y'know?

Just in case my feeling is way off, and we need some good luck, I brought some.

Come on, whales. Let's take us home to victory, whaddyasay?