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NCAA Tournament: Day One - Evening Session

A meager opening to the 2009 edition of the NCAA Tournament in the morning, hopefully the evening will provide us more excitement.

Cal State Northridge's near upset of Memphis was the highlight of the early-going, and Northern Iowa and Butler both fought back late against high-majors. However, Purdue and LSU, respectively, came out on top. 

Also, once the games are over, the North Dakota State KenPom preview piece will be up. So, that's the cherry on top of this wonderful day of basketball. Although, KP's already let me down three times today, so boo. 

Here is this evening's schedule:

All Times Eastern Standard Time...

All CAPITALIZED teams are my picks...

Time Slot Four

(7) CLEMSON vs. (10) Michigan (7:10)

(7) TEXAS vs. (10) Minnesota (7:10)

(3) VILLANOVA vs. (14) American (7:20)

(4) GONZAGA vs. (13) Akron (7:25)

Time Slot Five

(2) OKLAHOMA vs. (15) Morgan State (9:40)

(2) DUKE vs. (15) Binghamton

(6) UCLA vs. (11) VCU (9:50)

(5) Illinois vs. (12) WESTERN KENTUCKY (9:55)

I'll be here...again. Hopefully, you'll be here too.