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First Round Matchup: North Dakota State Bison

(AP Photo/Eric Landwehr)

This is the first time that North Dakota State has ever made a trip to the NCAA Tournament. Hell, it's the first year they've even been eligible for the Big Dance. They are dangerous, though, too. They are jam-packed with veterans. They knock down the three-pointer with the absolute best of them.

They'll closer to Minneapolis than we are. They have a homecourt advantage. They have the experience factor. They have the motivation.

Enter all NDSU-related thoughts here. Obviously, we'll get more numbers-based, despite Hubert Davis' most convincing of objections, preview content in the coming days prior to Friday's matchup, but for now, just accept the above picture.

That passion, and that kind of stuff, is the number one thing the Bison have over us.

Oh, yeah, they're the Bison. Just like the Bucknell Bison.

I'm officially worried, now. We're going to lose.