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Big 12 Tournament: Day Three (OGT)

Plenty of awesomeness going on on Friday.

In the morning, you have plenty of Quarterfinals: ACC, SEC and Big 10/11.

We have a Patriot League Championship (American vs. Holy Cross) in the mid-afternoon, and some C-USA Semifinals around the same time.

Then, in the evening, we have the Big East Semis and, more importantly, the Big 12 Semis, amongst the continuing Quarterfinals and a host of smaller conferences Semis (MAC, A-10, Southland [Go Stephen F. Austin, right Slam?], WAC, MWC and Big West).

All setting it up for what should be a fantastic Saturday.

And then, the greatest day of all: Sunday.


(As I said, here is your open thread for all things. Mostly College Basketball, but if you wanna talk Subway condiments, be my guest. I'll try and get here in time for the Big 12 Semifinals, how about that...)