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Big 12 Tournament: Day Two - Evening Session

Just like yesterday, I'm running behind on the previews, so those will be edited in later. How late depends on how long it takes for me to get through the Kansas game.

Yes, I know we lost. Yes, I'm pissed off.

But, it isn't all bad. At least, it can't be. I'm not giving up hope just yet. And you shouldn't either.

But now is neither the time nor place. No, now is the time to watch some more basketball to drown away your sorrows. At least, that's all I can do, being underage. For you, there might be more alternatives. But even provided those other avenues to travel, I hope that you at least make a stop here, at RCT.

This is your OGT home for the two evening session games, Oklahoma-Oklahoma State (should be a dandy) and Missouri-Texas Tech (can the Red Raiders keep up the hot streak?

After all, they say misery loves company. And I'll be here. And I'm miserable.

So, join me.