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Big 12 Tournament: Day Two - Morning Session

Here are your previews for the two morning games. The Sunflower Showdown games, if you will. First up, Kansas-Baylor. Then, K-State-Texas. Should be two good games, folks.

And remember, this is your OGT, too. Yes, for the Kansas game. 2nd Half Overflow will be posted if necessary, but at least for pregame and the first half, this is your home. So, comment away.

Let's hit 4,000, eh?

Game #5 - #1 Kansas Jayhawks vs. #9 Baylor Bears - 11:30 AM (CDT)

What to Watch: Three-point shooting. I won't belabor the point, here, because we all know how much of a key it is for the Jayhawks to hit our treys. Well, the Bears are essentially the same, and if they are hot from way out there and we aren't, it could be quite troublesome. However, if Relly Ice is feelin' it, then the game could be over no matter what Baylor does. Gotta hit those treys.

Baylor Will Win Because: It never, ever turns the ball over. That's the key. If you have that many more possessions, you can afford to shoot worse, cause you end up taking more shots. Understand? So, if we turn them over, game over. If not, Baylor's got a shot.

Kansas Will Win Because: Offensive glass. Last time these two teams met, the Morris twins (particularly Kieffer, to be honest) destroyed the Bears on the offensive glass. If we get those extra possessions back that Baylor has cause they never turn it over, game over. Unless, of course, it's like that Texas Tech game. But, seriously, Kevin Rogers just randomly decided to rebound against Nebraska. Take him out early, and it shouldn't be all that difficult to rack up the numbers.

Player of the Game: Tyrel Reed. Baylor doesn't exactly like playing defense all that much, and they give up quite a few open looks. I imagine, with their season on the long and everything, they'll try hard, particularly on the Big Two, CoSh. So, just drive-and-kick, Sherron, and let Relly Ice do his thang. I'll say he knocks down a ridiculous 4 threes, including our stanrdard end-of-first-half momentum-clinching one.

Prediction: Baylor shows up to play for the second day in a row, and their defense is significantly better than their regular season D. Still, it isn't good enough to really shut down Kansas' offense, and Kansas' defense puts the typical clamps on the Bears' offense. A really solid first half performance is ruined by our mandatory end-of-half three, extending our lead to 7. It never gets closer than that again, in the second half, as we slowly extend the lead, with some mini-runs mixed in with some hot-shooting from LaceDarius and Company.

Kansas 82 Baylor 67

Kansas State - Texas preview after the jump...

Game #6 - #4 Kansas State Wildcats vs. #5 Texas Longhorns - 2:00 PM (CDT)

What to Watch For: How Texas Defends Denis Clemente - Last time these two teams met, Clemente went absolutely bonkers on the Longhorns' D, posting 41 points. It was the game that gave new meaning to the Powercats' season, and a win here would give further meaning. Texas could really use a W just to improve seeding, although this game is just gravy. If they can contain Clemente, they should have a pretty decent shot at winning. K-State's response to Pittman should be really interesting, as well, and Texas has more overall talent.

Also, second-chance points. Both teams are absolutely excellent at picking up the offensive rebounds and scoring off of them. Two of the best teams in the entire country at it. If either team can dominate the category, odds are that they will win. Should be very interesting to watch.

Texas Will Win Because: Dexter Pittman. K-State has lots of interior decency, but I'm not sure they have anyone physical enough to match up with Sexy Dexy. Now, I won't be terribly surprised if I'm way off, here, but that's how I see it.

K-State Will Win Because: Turnovers. Besides Clemente's heroics in Austin, the other thing that kept the Wildcats in the game was their turnovers. That's what they are really good at; turning you over on defense. If they cause chaos, watch out. K-State could be on their way to that coveted NCAA berth.

Player of the Game: Dexter Pittman - I'm riding this train until it inevitably crashes. And, it will. But, I think I may be in love. So, for at least one more game, let's be big Sexy Dexy fans. Eh?

Prediction: Initially, I picked K-State to win this game. But the more I look at this, and check out the matchups, I'm going to change my mind. I think Texas' size, and Damion James' awesomeness, and hell, maybe even A.J. Abrams will catch on fire, will overdo K-State's spurts of awesomeness. I have a feeling that they devote plenty of defensive attention to Clemente, and without his incredible, Mike Singletary-esque performance in Austin, K-State loses by double figures. In OKC, that'll be the case.

Texas 79 Kansas State 68


So, yeah, enjoy. I won't be here, but all of you should be. For real.

A second OGT, the Evening (Warden) Session Preview and OGT, should be posted around 5ish, CDT. Until then, use this one. If an overflow is necessary, Denver will have to post one.