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Big 12 Tournament: Day One - Afternoon Session

Here is how this thing is going to work, from now on:

Late tonight, and every night, I will post a quick recap of the day's Big 12 Tournament action. Also, I will post a very brief, skimming-the-surface type of preview for whichever team Kansas is playing.

Then, in the morning, there will be one Preview Post, unlike this morning. It will give a preview of all of the games to be played that day, except the Kansas one.

The Kansas game will receive an individual OGT, or two depending on the traffic, etc. The Preview Post for the other three will serve as your OGT for the other games. That's the key.

Hopefully, that eases any confusion.

I'm running way behind, here, so I'm just going to post the OGT first. The previews will be added on to the post ASAP.

Oklahoma State-Iowa State beginning momentarily, at 6:00 PM CDT. Texas A&M-Texas Texas Tech to begin after that, at around 8:30 CDT.

Let's get it going on.

Previews are now up, after the break...

Game #3 - #7 Oklahoma State Cowboys vs. #10 Iowa State Cyclones

What to Watch: Oklahoma State's free throws. The Cowboys are really good at getting to the line, a bunch, while the Clones are good at not fouling, ever. If the Pokes can consistently get to the free throw line, they should have little issue beating the lesser talent of Brackins and Company. While, if the Cowboys don't get to the line a bunch, they will need to be 'on' from three-point range, or they could be in a helluva lot of trouble.

Iowa State Will Win Because: Craig Brackins. Holy hell, this guy is good. And Okie State only  has one real matchup with him (Marshall Moses), so any foul trouble whatsoever could cause Travis Ford some problems. If Brackins explodes, they'll keep it close longer than Ford will like.

Oklahoma State Will Win Because: Three-point shooting. The Cowboys shoot the long-ball as good as anyone else in the conference, with a trio who are unreal from way out there (James Anderson, Obi Muonelo and Keiton Page). If they can hit the trey, Iowa State has absolutely no shot. If not, though, an upset could be a-brewin'.

Player of the Game: Brackins. Easy. Get ready to see some domination, folks.

Prediction: Oklahoma State struggles early on, and Brackins shows up in a big way in his biggest national TV opportunity since Kansas came to town. He likes the big lights. But, the Pokes catch fire from deep to start the second half, and they run away with it at the end.

Oklahoma State 82 Iowa State 65

Game #4 - #6 Texas A&M Aggies vs. #11 Texas Tech Red Raiders

What to Watch: Texas A&M's effort. They are coming off of an incredibly emotional, much-needed victory over Missouri. They are likely looking ahead to a potential rematch with those same Tigers, with only the Red Raiders standing in their way. The Red Raiders have played much better, of late, and could give the Aggies fits if Turgeon's Squad overlooks them. A win here all-but-sews up an NCAA berth for ATM, so hopefully it won't be too difficult to focus, while a loss could send them freefalling out of the bracket.

Texas Tech Will Win Because: Tempo. If Tech can sufficiently speed up the game, they will have a chance. ATM, as is their style, likes to slow it down and play tough, physical games. Tech likes to run, and fire off treys whenever they have a look. If Pat Knight can successfuly make the game up-and-down, and they can hit enough shots, watch out.

Texas A&M Will Win Because: Rebounding. While the Red Raiders aren't as terrible as you might think on the glass, it's clear who has the advantage. The Aggies should have their way on the glass, both offensively and defensively, which should let them extend a lead. Provided, of course, that they don't turn the ball over excessively, or just can't hit a shot.

Player of the Game: Chinemlu Elonu. I'm a big fan of Elonu's, and I think he could really explode for the Aggies tonight against an under-talented and undersized Tech front line. Bryan Davis gets most of the attention, but Elonu is pretty awesome. He's one of my personal favorites.

Prediction: The Red Raiders make a late push, while the Alan Voskuil Senior Appreciation Tour makes its second stop (the first, of course, being when he scored a hundred-kajillion points on us), although it isn't nearly as big as the first. A&M's bonus possessions due to the monstrous, +15 rebounding advantage is eventually too much for Pat Knight's club to overcome, and ATM clinches an NCAA bid.

Texas A&M 83 Texas Tech 77

OK, there. Previews are up-and-running.

Hopefully the afternoon goes over smoother.