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Open Game Thread :: Game #24 :: #16 Kansas Jayhawks 19-4 (8-0) @ #17 Missouri Tigers 20-4 (7-2)

Holy shit.

My nerves are uncontrollable right now.

I'm, literally, shaking with excitement.

We're going to get this started an entire 90 minutes early this time, as opposed to the usual 60, to try and inflate the numbers a bit. Well, that, and also just because this game is so fucking huge.

The above is a fabulous little graphic the boys over at Rock M Nation cooked up, by the way. Make sure and check out that blog; it's easily one of the finest collegiate blogs here at SB Nation. Despite them being Missouri fans, it's one of my few "daily must reads". Honest. It's just an awesome, awesome place.

But that's enough love. This is Missouri, after all.

We all know the drill. And while the discussions have, refreshingly, been incredibly above-board and knowledge-driven these past couple of days (honestly, thanks a billion to both the RCT residents and the RMN/Missouri visitors; both sides treated each other with plenty of class and respect, which made for some absolutely fantastic discussions. My favorite part of this whole little game, by far), it's time to get our hate on.

So, no more love. Hate face is engaged.

Muck Fizzou.

Editor's Note: Forgot a score prediction. I'll say Kansas 81 Missouri 75. What can I say, I'm a homer.