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Open Game Thread :: Game #23 :: Oklahoma State Cowboys 14-7 (3-4) @ #21/#24 Kansas Jayhawks 18-4 (7-0)

With a tough stretch coming up, highlighted by two consecutive road games against rivals (@ Missouri on Monday, @ K-State next Saturday), we can't afford to drop a home game like this.

We could really, really use a W here. While it isn't the opportunity to pick up a solid win I expected, it's still a game against a really, really dangerous team. They have the potential, the talent, the ability to beat us, even in Allen Field House.

We need to match the intensity, use the crowd to our favor and, simply, outplay them. We need a not-loss more than we just need a win, but it all results in hoping for the same result; a W.

My prediction? We start off hot, build a decent-sized lead, and it is a lot of back-and-forth afterward. They make a run in the second half, cut it to 2, and then Relly Ice (Burlington Bomber?) hits a big, clutch three and we go on a mini-run of our own to extend the lead back to double digits. After that, they never get terribly close.

Kansas 93 Oklahoma State 85

High-scoring, I know. But that's how the Pokes roll, and I don't think we will shy away too much from a helter-skelter pace.