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What's In a Name?: The Nickname Post

We need nicknames.

Right now, we really only have a pair of solid, acceptable nicknames; McMorris and Relly Ice. Of course, even Marcus Morris and Tyrel Reed, respectively, are up for a new nickname, potentially, but those are the two best we've been able to come up with all year.

With that said, we need ideas, ideas and even more ideas for the other six members of the 8-man rotation. And, if you've got them, we'll take nicknames on anyone on the team. Ideally, we'll have a nickname for every player, but we need them for the top 8 players on the team at the very, very least. I've got some suggestions, which will be posted in the following paragraphs, but you, the RCT reader, have just as much say in this as I do. Well, almost as much say, not quite as much.

In any case, here are the eight members of the rotation Bill Self uses, followed by some suggestions.

Sherron Collins -- Sheerezy, RonRon, ShoColl, Superstar (in reference to the star he buzzed on his head earlier in the year, plus the fact that he's our 'superstar'),

Tyshawn Taylor -- TyTay, Shawnee,TT,

Tyrel Reed -- Relly Ice (that's all we need, really; it's what I'm calling him the rest of the year, at least), Burlington Bomber, Mr. Clutch, Peach Fuzz (look here)

Brady Morningstar -- Rise and Shine (Morning, get it?), BDITC (Best Defender In The Country), Hairday (his hair is ridiculously bad), Sun (maybe I'm getting too philosophical here, but technically the "Morning" Star" is the Sun),

Marcus Morris -- McMorris, MC, MC Hammer, Cus

Markieff Morris -- Kiefer, Kieff, MK, Mortal Kombat, Jack Bauer

Cole Aldrich -- Coleplay, Big Cole, TOTWG (That One Tall White Guy), Broken Nose (I know it won't last forever, but whatever)

Mario Little -- Super Mario, Air Jordan, Lil Mario, MarLil

OK, I know some of those names are pretty awful ideas, but whatever. I'm over it. Again, post ideas in the comments, if you've got them.