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Big 12 Roundup: Week Four

OK, again, a day-and-a-half late this time, though. So late, in fact, we have to cover Big Monday here, as well. And, while we didn't do a mid-week wrapup last week, we'll just skip those mid-week games. We'll get to this week's, though. Promise.

Editor's Note: No links to blogs, this time. Sorry, it's just so late, and I just want to get this week done and over with. On the week's mid-week wrapup, we'll do some more insightful stuff.

Saturday's Games

Missouri 89 Baylor 72 -- Damn. Missouri really is awesome. I mean, sure, they'll shit the bed a lot, and they'll lose a lot of stupid games, but when they are on, they really could beat just about anyone in the country. And they have a bunch of really, really good players; Leo Lyons went off for 30 against the Bears, and Demarre Carroll had 25. Baylor, after tonight's loss, is in big-time trouble mode; they desperately need a win. In any case, Missouri is a better team than the Bears; therefore, our game next Big Monday in Hearnes Paige Mizzou Arena should be tougher. Can't wait.

Seriously, though, Missouri is easily ahead of the Bears in the Big 12 pecking order. And, unless the Tigers completely tank, Missouri is going dancing. I promise.

Nebraska 82 Texas Tech 69 -- In all honesty, there is only one real storyline for this game: Pat Knight getting ejected and running out on the floor and all of that craziness. Still, though, Nebraska is still a really good team. They are a couple of heartbreaks (vs. Okie State and vs. Kansas) away from being 5-2 in Big 12 play and a serious contender for a NCAA bid. As it currently stands, they'll have to keep up the pace to just make the NIT, but still, a solid team.

But again, I'll take Pat Knight running out on to the floor as the Story of the Night:

Some more content (including the Pat Knight YouTube) after the jump...


Oklahoma 78 Iowa State 68 -- Well, it was close for the first 38 minutes of the game. Seriously, Boomer Sooner struggled for a vast majority of the game, but Blake Griffin's general awesomeness combined with an incredible performance from super freshman Willie Warren (29 points) was enough to let them escape Hilton Magic with a victory. They are still undefeated, just like us, although they have already beaten Texas.

In any case, the Clones had a really nice comeback performance after an absolutely dismal effort in Boulder. Jamie Vanderbeken exploded for a season-high 12 points, and Diante Garrett added 17 in addition to the expected 21 from Craig Brackins. While any postseason is likely a stretch, they are dangerous enough to scare people while making the trek up to Hilton.

Texas A&M 76 Oklahoma State 64 -- A HUGE win from the Aggies, a game that they absolutely had to have. In the same vein, another loss by the Pokes significantly hampers their chances at getting into the NCAAs. Bryan Davis showed up big for the Ags, which as enough to take down Okie State's balanced offensive attack.

Kansas State 84 Texas 81 (OT) -- Wow. Just, wow. Wow, wow, wow. Denis Clemente: who knew? 44 points from the Miami transfer was enough to give the Powercats the victory, despite an absolutely terrible finish. Freddy Brown saved Frank Martin's ass, too, with a clutch rebound late in OT to preserve the winning margin.

A.J. Abrams was pretty quiet for the Longhorns, picking up only 15 points. He's good, but the rest of the team isn't quite good enough to pick him up when he isn't on fire.

Big 12 NCAA Chances

As opposed to last week's, in-depth post (we'll only do ones with actual words every two-or-three weeks; no sense updating every week), here is just a list-type of, by-and-large, where teams stand.

Sure Things

  1. Oklahoma 21-1 (7-0)
  2. Texas 15-5 (4-2)
  3. Kansas 18-4 (7-0)

Pretty Sure Things

  1. Missouri 18-4 (5-2)


  1. Oklahoma State 13-7 (2-4)
  2. Baylor 15-7 (3-5)
  3. Texas A&M 17-5 (3-4)

Plenty of Work to Do

  1. Kansas State 14-7 (3-4)
  2. Nebraska 13-7 (3-4)

Better Luck Next Year

  1. Iowa State 12-9 (1-5)
  2. Texas Tech 11-10 (1-5)
  3. Colorado 9-11 (1-5)

Key Games to Watch For

Wednesday February 4th

Missouri @ Texas (ESPN2 9 PM EST) -- This is, easily, the game of the week in the Big 12. Missouri is looking for a huge, primetime showing that proves they are for real. That they are, in fact, the shit. Texas is slipping too, and while a home loss to the Tigers would be more defensible than a home L to the Powercats, two consecutive home losses to the weaker division, the North, would not be good. I have the Longhorns as a 'sure thing' right now, but a loss on Wednesday could put them on a lot shakier ground. While, simultaneously, bumping up the Tigers to 'sure thing'.

Saturday February 7th

Texas @ Nebraska (ESPN 2 PM EST) -- Now, just imagine that the Horns lose on Wednesday night. This would essentially make a tough trip up to an underrated Cornhuskers club in Linconln a must-win scenario, which could be awfully dangerous. It also provides the Huskers an opportunity to pick up a huge win, a win that could at least let them sneak in the door for NCAA discussion. They probably need to nearly win out from here on out to really have a shot, but just winning this game would go a long way.

Oklahoma State @ Kansas (ABC 3:30 PM EST) -- Should be a fantastic game. Kansas has moved to 7-0, and has officially become a legitimate Big 12 title contender. Okie State, on the other hand, could use a resume-topping win, which a victory in Allen Field House would certainly be.

Kansas State @ Texas A&M (Big 12 Network 4 PM EST) -- This should be a game of teams desperate to make the NCAAs. The Aggies are in better shape, right now, but K-State has the better win. A loss by either team would hurt the team a helluva lot, so this game is a lot more about not losing and destroying your team's chances than picking up a resume-clinching win.

OK, that's all. I know this Big 12 Roundup sucked, but whatever. I'm tired, and I just wanted to get over it.

Baylor recap stuff coming tomorrow, and then the rest of the week is all about Signing Day (with Denver, of course, the resident recruiting expert) and random, assorted Big 12 stuff. Plus, I want to do an extensive post on the Morris twins versus Mario Little/Quintrell Thomas. It was more relevant when I wanted to do it, a week ago, but hey, you can't get all of the breaks to go your way.