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Keeston Terry Talks Kansas Junior Day

This past weekend the Kansas Jayhawk football program played host to 20+ high school juniors, many of which will be key targets for the 2010 recruiting class.  If there were a trio, or a big three in that group it would include "local" talents in Blake Bell, Justin McCay and last but certainly not least Keeston Terry. 

Terry is a Jayhawk legacy and so far at 6'2" 180lbs Keeston is drawing a lot of interest from some strong BCS programs.  Terry had already attented junior days at Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma but his trip to Kansas stood out.  "The day was definitely not what I expected, it was much, much better."  Everything about the trip seemed to really put Terry at ease, from lunch with the other visitors, to meetings with the coaches and finally the game in Allen Fieldhouse.  When talking about his meeting with positional coach David Beaty Terry said, "we went into position meetings and thats when i feel in love, KU runs alot of the same things we do at Blue Springs."  Terry went on to add, "It seemed like coach Beaty put us in really good situations to score points."

While all that sounds fine and good there were two things Terry said that really give the feeling that Kansas is in the drivers seat for this one.  With regards to his overall feeling after the visit Terry explained, " I felt a certain closeness that i havent felt anywhere else yet."  He also talked about how Kansas might fit into his future plans commenting, "KU definitely fits all the qualities I'm looking for in choosing a school, yet the biggest factor to me is I like where the program is going and i think i can help get the program where it wants to be."  Some very pointed comments from a player who will likely be a top priority for the staff this year. 

To wrap things up though Terry added one more very telling statement and it should give Kansas fans high hopes that the Jayhawk program is in a good spot with Terry, "I've always bled crimson and blue."  While Terry seems to still be evaluating his options he has said he hopes to make a decision prior to the summer so he can focus on his senior year.