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Statistical Rearview: Kansas vs Oklahoma

One word, Wow!!!  I was sweatin bullets late in this one but the Jayhawks did not let us down.  In what will likely be the game of the year in the Big 12 Sherron Collins refused to let this team lose.  Flashes of Missouri crossed the minds of many and then a game of anything you can do I can do better ensued.  In the end only one could be left standing and that was the Jayhawks.

Hats off to the Sooners, with Blake Griffin sure this might be a different game but no apologies needed as Bill Self and his surprising Jayhawks picked up a HUGE conference road win catapulting themselves to first in the conference and the drivers seat to win the title.  If you would have told me at the beginning of the season that we would be in this position I would have said I don't believe it.  Great game, great win, a big one coming up on Sunday.  On to the stats.

Game flow breakdown is interesting as you'll notice a couple of fairly large flatlines in this one from both sides.  By the end though that isn't the case and the Hawks secured a solid win without having to sweat out any last second shot's.

More Stats, Charts and Breakdown after the jump...

Four factors to winning...well Cole single handidly took care of the rebounds, Sherron managed the field goal segment and the refs helped both teams with regard to free throws and in the end OU's need to foul gave us the edge.  This team has improved in the turnover department but full court pressure still seems to give us fits at times.  Tighten up that area and I really like our chances to scare some folks in the tourney.

Player impact once again littered with Cole and Sherron.  Surprise of the night though belongs to Tyshawn Taylor.  The guy had his breakout game of the year tonight and was instrumental in bringing us back from the early deficit and putting us in a position to protect a lead down the stretch.  From there it was back in the hands of Sherron and Cole who dominated but didn't carry this team tonight which is what the ultimate goal should be.  The two terms are not one and the same and when Sherron can have a less than stellar first half and us still have a lead, I like our chances.


A couple things in the team stat column worth mentioning, first 3 point FG%.  At the start this looked like it coud be a major problem but finishing at 47% was huge.  Secondly, look at the foul column...swallow your whistles guys we won't be upset.  Fran might be a little disappointed but I promise you I won't be mad.


As far as player stats go we all know Sherron has major onions and Cole channeled his inner Nick Collison but special RCT mention to Tyshawn Taylor tonight.  Down early Taylor was instrumental in bringing us back into this one and giving Collins the opportunity to own this one down the stretch.  26 pts on 60% shooting and only 1 turnover for Taylor...I really like this guy.