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Open Game Thread :: Nebraska 16-8 (6-5) @ #15 Kansas Jayhawks 21-5 (10-1)

"Just please don't lose, just please don't lose, just please don't lose..."

That, pretty much, sums up this game. It won't be entirely easy; the Cornhuskers are a really good team, and not the best matchup for us. But, it shouldn't be terribly difficult, either; we are incredibly more talented, and at home. So, victory should still occur.

That's pretty much all, folks. All that needs to be said.

I think that we speed it up from the get-go, trying to make it as up-and-down as possible. We aren't terribly successful at it, and Nebraska makes enough threes to keep it close, but we have a couple of 15-2-type runs that give us a significant cushion. Kansas 76 Nebraska 62