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Kansas Junior Day is Saturday

Update: More have been added and I'll get an update as soon as possible, probably tomorrow morning.

As many of you probably know and certainly anyone going to the game should know, tomorrow February 21st is KU Junior Day.  What that means for us here at RCT is a whole lot of football recruits in town to check things out, and let me tell you this is a great group we have coming in.

Kansas Football has been making strides over the past few years in recruiting and as we saw with the 2009 class is starting to get looks from a different level of player.  That again is holding true with the group of guys coming in for our junior day activities.  One thing to keep in mind is these kids do receive and invite but it's all self paid so you typically aren't going to see kids traveling from a tremendous distance to attend these things but nonetheless the local talent is pretty impressive. 

Here is what I have gathered from several sources including the wonderful folks over at Jayhawkslant, KUSports and my own conversations.  I may miss some and if anyone knows of others feel free to add them.

Full List and Breakdown After the Jump...


First off I want to give a little advice to the good folks who might be attending the game.  Acknowledge these kids.  If you see a coach with a recruit, say something about how excited we are to have them visiting.  Let em know we are as interested in our football success as we are in basketball.  Fans do a lot to help the recruiting process and now that the coaches have given us a program to be proud of it's time for us to step up and help out where we can.

On to the visitors:

Blake Bell - Blake is a potential 5 Star recruit out of the Wichita area.  He's received offers from all over the place including Oklahoma, Georgia and Notre Dame.  Honestly I think this one is between us and Oklahoma but he is widely believed to be an Oklahoma lean.  However, getting him on campus and stretching this out is huge for us and nothing is over till it's over.

Justin McCay - Another local product that could very well be a 5 star talent.  McKay, like Bell is drawing interest from all over the country again Georgia, ND and Florida all in the mix.  One thing working in our favor here is he is good friends with Kansas basketball player Travis Releford and also Travis' brother Trevor Releford who will also be on hand for Junior Day.  Trevor and Justin both play basketball as well but will liklely be BCS caliber football players all the way.

Keeston Terry - Son of former Jayhawks Doug Terry, Keeston knows all about the Jayhawks.  His dad was obviously a Jayhawk, so was his mom and so was his current high school coach.  That said this is anything but a slam dunk at this point.  Keeston has been to junior days at both Missouri and Nebraska and I believe has one coming up at Oklahoma (this may have already happened too).  Regardless Kansas will get a very solid look here and in speaking with Keeston earlier this year his biggest factors at the time were the quarterback situation and where he would stack up on the depth chart.

Brad Hefley - Another local prospect Hefley hails from Riverton Kansas in the southeast corner of the state.  At 6'4" 255 lbs Brad has played linebacker at the high school level but many see him as a offensive lineman at the next level due to a large frame.

Andre Dawson - No not the Hawk from the Cubbies but the probable top rated running back out of the state of Iowa.  Don't know a whole lot about this one yet but he has offers from Kansas, Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin.  He's a big back just slightly smaller than Toben from this year but probably a little bit quicker as well.

Tyler Gabbert - If the name sounds familiar it's because it is.  Tyler's brother Blaine will be leading the Mizzou Tigers next year as the replacement to Chase Daniel.  Younger brother Tyler is not as tall, probably not as much a runner but by many accounts an excellent decision maker with great pocket awareness.  Tyler will likely be a major target should Bell decide on OU soon.

Joseph Randle - Another familiar name the brother of former Jayhawk John Randle.  Honestly surprised he's making the trip, it's been fairly widely reported that he is a little upset with the way things ended here for his brother.  Hopefully cooler heads can prevail because he is considered a better prospect than the older brother and would be a great addition.

Anthony Gatti - St. Louis area lineman being recruited by Ed Warriner.  Has already said it will be KU or MU on this one and only KU has offered so far. 

Chase Rome - These next two are from right in our rivals backyard Columbia Missouri.  Again I don't know a ton about these kids yet but with the name Chase isn't he destined for MU.  I'd be happy to take him though big kid with some big name offers.

Trey Millard - Inside Linebacker will be a position of need in this class and if Trey sees an opportunity to play early you never know.  Still though I don't hold my breath when trying to pull a kid out of Columbia.  KU hasn't offered yet on this one.

Curry Sexton - His profile is a basketball one but Sexton is a RB/DB recruit from Abilene Kansas.  I'd be lying if I told you I knew anything yet.

Demarcus Robinson - Wichita Northwest recruit sounds like he has played mostly at RB to date, a relative unknown for me so far.

Devin Patterson - Anyone ever heard of a guy named Daymond Patterson.  This is his brother, I would like to believe this one is in the bag and he is just a little bigger than his brother as well.

Deveon Dinwiddie - Hutchinson high school running back, heard this name a lot even as he was a junior but I'll have to try and track him down for more info..

Geneo Grissom - Teammate of Dinwiddie at Hutch plays DE.

Jace Warren - Easton Kansas offensive tackle who has been gaining a lot more interest of late.  Good size, good frame probably mostly local interest at this point.

Trent Spurgeon - Very solid prospect at offensive tackle also happens to be high school teammate of future Jayhawk Gavin Howard.  He's up there on my wishlist.

Terrance Olds - RB out of Oklahoma.

Lee Ward - St. Louis area linebacker.

Luke Woodley - Dallas area QB prospect.

Ken Berry - Inside Linebacker out of Oklahoma.

Marquise Hill - St. Louis area athlete.  Hill is currently committed to Missouri but appears to be looking around and covering his bases.  He also happens to be the cousin of Ronnie Wingo.

That's the rundown for now.  I'll keep anything more I hear coming your way and if Jayhawkslant reports anynews I will pass that along as well. 


One other name that's worth mentioning is Lucas Vincent high school teammate of Kevin Young.  He won't be in town this weekend but I've gotten a strong indication that Kansas is the team to beat.


Oh and almost forgot...Lance Stephenson is in town for Basketball him some gratitude if you'll be at the game as well.