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Open Game Thread :: Game #22 :: #21/#24 Kansas Jayhawks 17-4 (6-0) @ Baylor Bears 15-6 (3-4)

Here we go.

The biggest game, by a large margin, of this young conference season. Despite Baylor's recent fall, they still have national respect. A win tonight, in Waco no less, would give us some more credibility, and let us keep pace with Boomer Sooner.

However, it won't be easy. As much as this win would be awesome for us, and as important as it is to us, it's way, way more important to Baylor. They likely have to win 9 conference games to get into the Dance; a loss tonight would drop them to 3-5. At 3-5, having to go 6-2 from here on out with games remaining vs. Oklahoma, @ Okie State, @ Texas. Yowza. The really, really need a win.

And they have the Big 12's bad boy, Kansas, coming into town, for the first time, really, in school history where they had a team with comparable talent and a solid chance at winning. So, you know the Ferrell Center will be rocking.

While the past three road wins, each one getting progressively more difficult, have been really nice, it won't be as hard as tonight. No, tonight's the real test.

We need to escape with a W. Can we do it? Sure. Will we? Well, who knows. It's essentially a tossup according to KenPom, and the spread is KU +1.5 in Vegas, so not a whole lot of variance there, either.

Still, I'm a Kansas blogger. I'm taking Kansas.

Kansas 86 Baylor 79