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Statistical Rearview: Kansas vs. Iowa State

Due to typing on a computer that now struggles with a few letters this will be brief.  Game flow pretty self explanatory.  Up and down but did anyone ever really feel threatened.  Honestly if Iowa State doesn't throw up 26 three's this isn't a contest.



More Stats, Charts and Breakdown after the jump...

Four factors break down pretty favorably for the Hawks.  Minus an inability to get to the free throw line we did a solid job.  Not that there were a lot of fouls in this one anyway.


Player impact chart...Cole and Sherron are all over this one.  It's becoming more and more clear that these two hold the key to whatever this team will do in the tourney this year.


Player stats and team stats...make your own judgments and discuss in the comments. Typing and deleting duplicate letters is taking a long time.  Dqamn wqater s`pill on the computer.