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Open Game Thread :: Game #25 :: #16/#17 Kansas Jayhawks 19-5 (8-1) @ Kansas State Wildcats 17-7 (6-4)

Here we go.

We are clearly the better team, and if we show up, we shouldn't have too much of a problem pulling off a W. But, after last season's win in the Bram, the Powercats think they have some monstrous homecourt advantage, or something like that. It'll probably be loud, sure. But it won't have nearly the feeling, the atmosphere, the intensity of last year, and it shouldn't affect us too much.

So, just limit the turnovers, make your free throws, box the hell out and we should be fine. I'm not really worried at all. Maybe I should be, but I'm just not. KenPom only gives us a 52% chance of winning, and is only predicting a one-point victory. Not the stuff of guarantees. And yet, I feel oddly secure. I feel incredibly confident that we will win today, and it won't even take one of our best performances.

I think we jump out to an early lead, as per the usual, but they surge back multiple times. However, they never get closer than 3 points, and we stay ahead the entire game. Then, with about 7 minutes left to play, we go on a quick, 8-0 run to bump the lead up to 14. It stays in double-digits the rest of the way.

Kansas 72 Kansas State 59