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Kansas vs. Radford Open Game Thread


Another barn burner in store for the Jayhawks at home? Doubtful, but the Radford Highlanders do look to have some solid players as we discussed in our game preview earlier today and they might provide a better opponent for the Jayhawks than some of the recent home contests.

As always this is your gameday Rock Chalk talking game thread for all things Kansas v Radford, all things Kansas basketball and should this one get out of hand probably a few things completely unrelated. Regardless, pull up the perverbial bar stool to tonights OGT and take in what should be a Kansas win.

Those watching online out of the area here's your link for Justin.TV and an online feed. Password as always is phog, not sure why it wasn't working Saturday as some stated in the thread but it looks to be on for tonight.

Also if you haven't been a part of an open game thread yet here at Rock Chalk Talk, jump in's free to register and I think you'll find it at least a little bit entertaining. Register here...