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RCT Football League Power Rankings Week 12

Conference Championship Saturday is upon us.  We'll have an OGT today for all the discussion and continued speculation surrounding our football coaching situation.

However, right now it's time for your weekly RCT Football League Power Rankings.  Week 12 wrapped up last weekend and we're beginning to get some semblance of how this all might shake out.  Playoffs begin in week 15 so we're in the mix here with two weeks of critical divisional battles to wrap up the season. 

Only a very few have been eliminated from contention and this 18 team league has turned into a pretty solid contest.  I should have made it a keeper league.  Anyway on to the rankings.

RCT Football League Power Rankings After the Jump...

RCT Football League Power Rankings

  1. Tosche Station Power Converters - Overcoming major injury the Power Converters keep chugging along and are the clear cut number one once again this week.  Throw in a two game lead over his division rival and the converters are in a great position.  Don't piss this one away Bensa or you'll never hear the end of it from KC.
  2. Percy Harvin's Smoke-a-thon - Smoke a thon...well it's been 2 months since ol' gingerballs has logged in...I think it's time to pull the trigger.  It could have been a banner year too, what a shame.
  3. Kansas Farm Boys - The Farm Boys have taken advantage of an untimely collapse from Reesing for Heisman late in the season to take a one game lead with two to play. 
  4. Fighting 5.7s - A few weeks ago the 5.7's were in last, now they've moved into playoff position as the Beltway Mudslingers have slowly collapsed.  A critical matchup this week though as the 5.7's face the Fighting Mangino's in a game that will likely decide this divisions playoff spot.
  5. Slow Dancers - Slow Dance sits a game up with 2 to play and a 3-0 record in the division.  That's about as good a spot you can be in.  Win one and he's in, lose two though and the Baby Seal Clubbers are ready to pounce.
  6. New York Chiefs - Labba would likely be the defacto representative from division 6.  The team is dangerous but come on man, just win the damn thing.  You seriously can't catch a guy who never logs in : )  Even Bensa's big toe could do that.
  7. Denver's Fighting Mangino's - These Mangino's are still fighting.  This weeks matchup with the 5.7's gives them a small chance at redemption with a playoff spot in the RCT Football League.
  8. Cry Baby Cutler's - Wow...the Cutlers have now gone on a three game tear that takes them from the depths of the power rankings to a playoff spot.  Plus the Cutlers have done what Labba still hasn't managed in beating out a disconnected divisional rival for the playoff spot.
  9. Basketball School!!! - Bad time for a two game losing streak.  Interstingly it began about the same time that Kansas made it clear that we're working hard toward becoming a football school as well.
  10. Baby Seal Clubbers - Seal Clubbers are lying in wait, preparing to jump from the shadows, bash Slow Dance over the head from behind and take his playoff spot while he lies hopelessly bleeding to death.  Turn around Slow Dance, TURN AROUND AND LOOK OUT!!!
  11. Beltway Mudslingers - Mudslingers have been in command of their division all season long but now sit at the bottom one game behind the top two.  Can they rally to reclaim the playoff spot they've held nearly all year?
  12. Reesing for Heisman - Tough time for a three game losing streak.  Have you been fumbling on your own 5 yardline lately?  Reesing is still only a game out, but one more loss all but dooms the playoff hopes of a once promising season full of high expectations.  Sound familiar?
  13. New KU happy hour? 4 to 5 - Happy Hour still has an outside shot at a playoff spot but he'll need some help along the way.  Needs a win over Reesing for Heisman and then needs Reesing to beat the Farm Boys and 4 to 5 can slip in.
  14. KC DeadHeads - Deadheads are a game back of the Cutler Cry Babys and need some help from Dezmon's Tutors to get in the playoffs.  If the Deadheads win out and the Tutors beat the Cry Baby's they are still in the game.
  15. NorthChamps09 - It's tough to make such an enormous comeback Este.  Maybe next year you'll start a little sooner.  BUT, you still have a chance.  It's a longshot, but it's a chance.  Good luck.
  16. The Devil's Rejects - Eliminated from divisional contention but the best record of those teams that are out of this thing.  Nice season Devil.  Regroup for the Toilet Bowl.
  17. Spontaneous Combustion - 3-9 almost deserves last place in the rankings but not quite.  Nice season Spontaneous, ball just didn't bounce your way.  Maybe next year.  On to the toilet bowl.
  18. Dezmon's Tutors - Dez, 8 straight losses and a 2-10 record.  Not your year.  BUT, you can still play the spoiler role and help the Deadheads into the playoffs.


Weekly Results

Week 12 Tue 11/24-Mon 11/30

Team Points
Denver's Fighting Mangino's (7-5) 112.3
Beltway Mudslingers (6-6) 59.65
Division Game Denver's... leads series 2-0 Box Score
Fighting 5.7s (7-5) 101
Dezmon's Tutors (2-10) 77.25
Non-Division Game Fighting... leads series 1-0 Box Score
KC DeadHeads (5-7) 94.7
Cry Baby Cutler's (6-6) 127.35
Division Game Series is tied 1-1 Box Score
Tosche Station Power Converters (9-3) 127.3
Basketball School!!! (7-5) 84.6
Division Game Tosche S... leads series 2-0 Box Score
Slow Dancers (7-5) 91.45
NorthChamps09 (5-7) 79.8
Division Game Slow Dan... leads series 2-0 Box Score


Team Points
The Devil's Rejects (5-7) 78.65
Baby Seal Clubbers (6-6) 110
Non-Division Game Baby Sea... leads series 1-0 Box Score
Kansas Farm Boys (7-5) 133.25
New KU happy hour? 4 to 5 (5-7) 115.65
Division Game Series is tied 1-1 Box Score
Spontaneous Combustion (3-9) 68.15
Percy Harvin's Smoke-a-thon (8-4) 77.25
Division Game Percy Harvin's Smoke-a-thon">Percy Ha... leads series 2-0 Box Score
Reesing for Heisman (6-6) 80.95
New York Chiefs (7-5) 141.8
Non-Division Game New York... leads series 1-0 Box Score
Top Scores
New York Ch... 141.8
Kansas Farm... 133.25
Cry Baby Cu... 127.35
Tosche Stat... 127.3
New KU happ... 115.65
Denver's Fi... 112.3
Baby Seal C... 110
Fighting 5.7s 101
KC DeadHeads 94.7
Slow Dancers 91.45
Basketball ... 84.6
Reesing for... 80.95
NorthChamps09 79.8
The Devil's... 78.65
Dezmon's Tu... 77.25
Percy Harvi... 77.25
Spontaneous... 68.15
Beltway Mud... 59.65

Weekly Awards

Game of the Week - I'll go with the power converters vs. Basketball School.  This was a critical divisional battle and Bensa, big toe and all came away with a win.

The Mangino Award(best coaching performance) -The Power Converters and KU Happy Hour both scored out at 100%, but I would like to announce I'm conducting an internal investigation against them for computer abuse.

The Stinkel(worst coaching performance)  - The Mudslingers come away with this one with a mere 64% coaching percentage.

The Reesing(most impressive offensive performance of the week) The New York Chiefs.  Labba I'm just impressed that any Chiefs can have the best offensive performance as opposed to the most offensive performance.

The Big 10 Award (worst offensive output of the week) -  Beltway Mudslingers