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Top 10 Kansas Football Performances of 2009: #2

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As if there was a whole lot of doubt when it comes to #2 and #1.  Two performances pretty clearly stood out above the rest during the 2009 season.  The only question would be, which is #2 and which is #1?

Dezmon Briscoe entered the 2009 season viewed as one of the top recievers in the Big 12 conference.  He was playing for a NFL future and playing to truly prove he deserved his high billing after coming to Kansas less heralded than even some of his own teammates in high school.

His freshman season he showed glimpses of what was to come, but in his junior and senior seasons Dez Briscoe showed up big in some of the biggest games the Jayhawks would play.

Kansas vs. Missouri in 2009 was one of those games.  While Briscoe would struggle at times in this one, he would also be a big reason the Jayhawks were in a position to win this one to wrap up the regular season.

In the final game of his college career, Dezmon Briscoe would register 14 catches for 242 yards and 2 touchdowns.  His long for the day would be a 74 yard touchdown reception from Todd Reesing where Briscoe would leave his defender sliding on the turf as he jogged into the endzone. 

Briscoe would first get on the board early in the ballgame as Todd Reesing would connect with Briscoe on a 7 yard pass for a touchdown.  This touchdown capped off an initial Jayhawk drive that renewed hope for the day as the Jayhawk offense appeared to be clicking.

Ultimately Briscoe's big game wasn't enough to help the Jayhawks over the top and a couple of miscues were a bit troubling.  Still Briscoe went out with a bang and showed everyone why he is a special player.  As for Briscoe's career with Kansas, it wraps up as the best by a reciever in Jayhawk history.  Next stop for Dez is the NFL and hopefully we'll see the continuation of the phrase "you've been Briscoed" at the next level.