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Mangino Era is Over

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Mark Mangino who brought Kansas from the bottom of college football to an Orange Bowl win is finished.   Players and coaches have been informed of the decision and ESPN is now also reporting Mangino is done.

The rumors have been flying, gradually turning to players stepping into the light and letting their feelings known.  Unfortunately despite some support the overall picture that was painted was not a pretty picture.  It was pretty clear from the get go that this was going to end one way and one way only. 

Coach Mangino took over Kansas in 2001 with his first season of 2002 finishing at a 2-10 mark.  Steady improvement within the program culminated in a 2007 BCS bowl appearance and the best season in Kansas football history.  This season was filled with high expectations but has ultimately fallen short.  Mangino did a tremendous amount for the program but it's clear a change is needed.  The behavior was intolerable to far too many and it's hard not to wonder if the results on the field were due to a team or program that had reached a breaking point.

More thoughts to come but for now the news is Mark Mangino is done at Kansas.

Feel free to use this post as your open thread to discuss.  Again nothing from the University yet, but this thing is leaking from all kinds of sources now.